Numbers for This Week

10 Super Numbers for YOUR State!

Click on the link below to open my PDF. 10 Super Numbers-JUNE-17-23 Look for your state on the list. The numbers are good for this week: Sunday June 17 to Saturday June 23. Some of these numbers already hit! These 10 numbers come from my brand new 10 Super Numbers program: Best Programs > 8 SUPER […]

I Like 156 in NY This Week (159, 059, 056)

I like 156 in New York this week. I have to include 159 just in case the 6 flips. I also like 059 and 056. Other good numbers for this week in New York are 268, 356, 256, 038, 138, 039, 139, 234.   ============================== 183 (138) Hit Wednesday April 13. 915 (159) Hit Thursday April […]

Remember the Rule of 5 Paper Hits (The Smart Way to Play Pick 3)

I recently posted a report on how to get numbers for the week using the Pair Frequency Finder program.  Now…don’t go crazy putting a ton of money on whatever numbers you get for your state for this week. No. No. No. I can say the same about ANY new system; do NOT put any money […]

Numbers for This Week (Sept 20-Sept 26)

Click on link below to open the FREE report.  9-20-23-STATES