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The 6 Lines (NEW REPORT for 9-29-2014)

NEW REPORT for 9-29-2014 Click on the link below to open “The 6 Lines” report.  The 6 Lines

Digit Distribution Box Magic

Check out my latest report on the Digit Distribution Box (NEW System!). Click on the link below to open up this FREE report. Digit Distribution Box Magic-9-26-2014

How to use the Basic Box program in Texas

Texas has 4 drawings a day. As long as you enter the last 10 drawings in consecutive order, the Basic Box program should work. Which means you would enter the last 2 days drawings…plus the last 2 drawings of the day before,  for a total of 10 drawings. The 3 basic keys and playlist would […]

296 Just Hit New York

The three Basic keys are hitting like 90% of the time when I look at the next two drawings.  And that may be the best way to use this system; get the keys in the evening and look at the next days two drawings. For example, the three keys for today in NY are 8-0-1. Basic Box […]

Updates to the Regular DTD Program

Here are a few updates you will see on the regular DTD program in a day or two. I will remove the Straight list; it’s redundant. We only need the basic list of box numbers. (If you really need straight numbers, you can just read the digits from left to right on the reference box. […]

6 Basic Box program Updates

The Basic Box program now lists all 85 singles for the 3 digits. So you can log in right now, enter the last 10 numbers that hit your state, and get the playlist for all 3 basic keys. You can enter the 3 digits that the Basic Box program gives you on the Digit Playlist […]

A DTD Secret Revealed!

Click on the link below to open up my latest Pick 3 report. A DTD Secret Revealed

Discovery 803 Made 9-17-2014

Check out my latest discovery. Click on the link below to open up my latest report. DISCOVERY-803

How to Win 99% of the Time!

Today is Monday September 15. The top 3 digits of the DTD program are better than the regular key digits and even the Code-3 digits. I am thinking of calling these the 3-DTD keys or digits. For example, I am expecting a 4, 6 or 2 to hit New York TODAY. DTD Reference Box/Playlist 10 […]

The DTD Up-Down Pattern Report (FREE)

Click on the link below to open up my latest Pick 3 report on a brand new discovery concerning the DTD program. FREE Money Making Strategy Revealed! UP-DOWN-PATTERN