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Q & A: How to Get a Little Better Every Day

QUESTION I JUST GOT I have a question. When I get the last draw number in my state and look for the connected numbers;  do I need to keep playing the same 17 or 51 numbers until I hit? Or should I play 51 numbers only for one day and then (if i don’t hit)  […]

How to Reduce Your Playlist

EMAIL I JUST GOT After not getting the results I want for the pick 4 game I decided to try my hand at a wheeling system for the pick 3. quite frequently I can pick at least one number that’s going to be drawn whatever night I’m playing for, within 3 tries. So if I pick the numbers […]

“Why are you making this so difficult? Just give people the hot numbers to play.”

EMAIL I JUST GOT: Why are you making this so difficult? Just give people the hot numbers to play. MY RESPONSE: Oh…..if it was so easy. I do not have the manpower to go into 26 states, collect 100+ codes for those states, and then find the top 3 codes. But what I have done […]

Q&A: My Top Two Books

QUESTION Hi. I very much interested in your program but I would like to know which book should I start out with that will give me the most and up to date strategy without going through all your books. What I mean is that I’m sure (maybe) your last book has all in one of […]

Q and A: Top System, Secrets-1, 7 Day Club

Hi Anthony. A couple of days ago, I bought your Kindle book “Pick 3 Lottery – My Top System – October 2015.” I have a few questions I hope you can answer when you get a chance.  1). Do the drawing results (i.e. List-8 numbers) need to be updated every day or once a Week? […]

Q and A for August 7: 15 Day Cycles and Meta Numbers

You put so much stuff out–so fast–my brain can’t assimilate it. Ha. What is your advice on this? You have to go slow; I DO put out a lot of stuff. So it takes time to take it all in. My new 15 day cycle….of posting numbers on the 1st and the 15th of the […]

Q and A: Back Test Everything I Say

QUESTION: Anthony you said in a recent email that using the RB3-8 programs top numbers for next 4 drawings you “could” get a straight hit 6-ways. How are you doing the Win-Loss sequence to look for winning patterns? Are u doing a RB3-8 after every drawing, 2 drawings, 4 drawings?   ANSWER: ALWAYS back test […]

Q and A: The Pick 3 Challenge

Question: Anthony, I am just visiting your site, now my question is: are you making predictions? The reason is very common, I do not win and my last winning took place 3 months ago.   Answer: I do not make predictions, except occasionally for New York. Remember, this is a game of chance. It is based on randomness. […]

Q and A: Find the 2 Hottest Digits

Question: I have a question for you. The day before yesterday the key match in NJ was digit 1. It did not hit. Today digits match are 5 7. Should digit 1 be forgotten and 5 and 7 played? Or is digit 1 still good for today in New Jersey? I just wanted to know […]

Questions and Answers for March 31, 2014

Question: Are the economic benefits of your systems only achieved if 5dimes is used?  Answer: For the most part YES because they pay much more than what you would normally get. ===================================================== Question: There are so many strategies on your websites that I do not understand. There is so much information that I don’t know where to start. Can you […]