Q & A: How to Get a Little Better Every Day

I have a question. When I get the last draw number in my state and look for the connected numbers;  do I need to keep playing the same 17 or 51 numbers until I hit? Or should I play 51 numbers only for one day and then (if i don’t hit)  move on to the next number the following day? Or should I just play the 3-way numbers?

NO. NO. NO. You have to evaluate. You have to study the numbers. You will go broke if you keep playing 51 numbers a day because doubles will show up when you least expect them too.

Here is what you do:
Look at ALL the information in front of you (the 3 sets of followers and any other system or workout or program you use). And you SHOULD be using other workouts and systems (besides my followers) to get the BEST numbers possible.

Use that analysis to come up with a SHORT list of
numbers to play.

See what actually hits.

Learn from the result.

And then try again.

If you do this, you will get a little better every day.

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