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More GOOD NEWS! The Florida ALPHA-14 program is up and running on This program gives you 14 numbers to play in Florida! Below are the instructions that come with this program: This program is based on 800 codes covering 14 months in Florida from February 10, 2015 going back to January 2, 2014. The […]

NEW PROGRAM!! Pair Frequency Finder

I want to tell you about a brand new program I just put up on call the Pair Frequency Finder. Let me explain how this amazing program works. Imagine you have a list of 200 numbers or codes. Now imagine that you want to find out what pair shows up the most times in […]

Prediction 16 Came True; Texas and New Jersey ABC Programs Coming Soon!

Today is Friday February 27. The big lesson of prediction 15 is:  ONLY PREDICT A NUMBERS. So from now on I will just make predictions for A numbers. When I saw CC hitting Florida on Wednesday (C-414 and C-585) that told me that an A number will be hitting next because…..  TWO BACK to BACK C […]

16th Prediction: an A Number Will Hit Florida on Thursday or Friday

So the big lesson of the 15th prediction is: Only predict A numbers. Two C numbers hit Florida on Wednesday (Feb 25): C-585 and C-414. CC is the basic trigger for A numbers. Therefore, I am predicting that an A number will hit Florida today or tomorrow.   ================================================== RESULT A-608 hit on the very next […]

15th Prediction Commentary

My 15th prediction is that a B number will hit Florida on Tuesday or Wednesday (Feb 24 and Feb 25).  Tuesday passed with no B numbers hitting and its now Wednesday and the midday number just hit Florida and it was not a B number, it was a C number (C-414).  This means that a […]

4 New ABC Reports for Feb 24, 2015

This is an email I sent out to my list on Tuesday Feb 24. 14-Correct-Predictions-A-059-Feb-24-2015 The 3 reports below are from a paid member. They reveal some fascinating discoveries on the ABC system. ABC_PROGRAM_BACK_TESTING-FEB-24-2015—1 of 3 NY-ABC-JAN-2015—2 of 3 NY-ABC-Results-JAN-2015–JAN-2014—3 of 3    

15th Prediction: a B Number Will Hit Florida on Tuesday or Wednesday

The last four hits in Florida have been A-620, A-436, A-369, C-871, C-442, and B-392. The B numbers are due. I am expecting a B number to hit Florida today or tomorrow (Feb 24-25).

14th Prediction: an A Number Will Hit New York on Tuesday or Wednesday

It’s Tuesday morning Feb 24 and I am seeing four C numbers in the last three days (C-037, C-256, C-608, C-757). I am expecting an A number to hit New York today or tomorrow. ============================================ RESULT A-059 just hit New York (Tuesday Feb 24 midday).

13th Prediction: an A Number Will Hit New York on Monday or Tuesday

B-806 and C-652 hit New York on Sunday Feb 22 and C-608 and C-757 hit on Saturday.  I am expecting an A number to hit on Monday or Tuesday, most likely on Monday.  ====================================== RESULT A-827 hit Monday evening (Feb 23).

12th Prediction: a B Number Will Hit New York in the Next 4 Drawings

C-608 and C-757 hit New York Saturday Feb 21. Normally I would predict an A number, but two A numbers hit the day before (Friday Feb 20), so I am predicting that a B number will hit New York on Sunday or Monday (Feb 22 and 23). =============================================== RESULT B-806 hit New York on Sunday […]