Stop Playing

“Day by day I lose hope. I don’t how to get a hit.”

EMAIL I JUST GOT Day by day I lose hope. I don’t how to get a hit. Even after 2 programs purchased still I failed to hit. Kindly help and send the next hit for my state. MY RESPONSE Do you understand that what we are trying to do here is IMPOSSIBLE? We are trying […]

Play on Paper 90% of the Time

EMAIL I JUST GOT: I play the pick 3 in Arizona. I tried your system numerous times. I only got one straight hit, but that was years ago and since then your systems just went cold for me and I basically about given up. I don’t play pick 3 all the time anymore. I occasionally […]

“I keep losing. I can not get a hit. What should I do?”

If you keep losing over and over again and you can NOT get a hit no matter what you try, follow these 5 steps: 1-Stop playing. 2-Get a notebook and start writing the numbers that hit your state on a daily basis.  3-Start predicting numbers on paper only. Use whatever system you are comfortable with. […]