490 Hit NY on September 1

I already see a hit from the new DTD program in New York (please back test in your state). You can see the hit below. I entered the last 10 numbers starting from the 172 that hit on August 31. Notice the top six digits in the output: 609 and 734 (top of the Reference […]

The NEW DTD Program is up

The newly updated DTD program is up and running…. The new version gives you a reduced list. The new output looks like this (using the last NY numbers): Don’t worry….If you want to use the original program, you will find it in the same place: For membership details, go here. ================================= The NY page is […]

NEW BOOK: Advanced Tracking Systems!!

You can find this book HERE. Click on the link below to open a PDF Report containing a detailed description of what you will find in this NEW book! ADV-TRACKING-MARCH-15  

Updates to the Regular DTD Program

Here are a few updates you will see on the regular DTD program in a day or two. I will remove the Straight list; it’s redundant. We only need the basic list of box numbers. (If you really need straight numbers, you can just read the digits from left to right on the reference box. […]

A DTD Secret Revealed!

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Discovery 803 Made 9-17-2014

Check out my latest discovery. Click on the link below to open up my latest report. DISCOVERY-803

How to Win 99% of the Time!

Today is Monday September 15. The top 3 digits of the DTD program are better than the regular key digits and even the Code-3 digits. I am thinking of calling these the 3-DTD keys or digits. For example, I am expecting a 4, 6 or 2 to hit New York TODAY. DTD Reference Box/Playlist 10 […]

The DTD Up-Down Pattern Report (FREE)

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My Crazy Idea – A Pick 3 Breakthrough Strategy!

Get ready to be amazed! First read this: JULY-31-Report-15N ============================ Then read this: My Crazy Idea-7-31-2014  

15-Number Report for July 30, 2014

Most of my programs give you 20, 30, 40, and even 80 numbers to play. But I just came up with a brilliant system that gives you just 15 numbers to play! See my new report below to learn this new amazing system. Note: This report contains some pretty advanced stuff and if you are […]