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NEW Updated Secrets Page

I just updated my Secrets page. This page has the most up to date information on my most advanced strategies. If you are new to my systems, I suggest you read this page carefully.  Here it is:

Win $675 in the Next 4 Weeks

I just sent out Book-32 to the members of the 7 Day Club where I mentioned something that I will explaining in great detail in Secrets-4: The 18 Straight Number System However, you can start learning and using this system right now. FIRST, Read the Updated Book description I have on top of THIS PAGE. SECOND: Join the […]

Illinois is up on Amazon! (100 Codes, Secrets-4)

Illinois is up on Amazon! Florida is up on Amazon! FROM = Coding will be the #1 skill in my approach to the Pick 3 game from this point forward. My best strategies now are based on you collecting codes for your state (based on the Revelation Box for the week) and […]

Secrets-3 is up on Amazon!

Secrets-3 is up on Amazon! HERE  

SECRETS-3: Coming Soon!

SECRETS-3: Coming Soon!

Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Washington

MAIL I JUST GOT: Hi, Anthony. Arizona really seems to be lacking in the ‘hit department’ (compared to other states)? Do you see any particular reason why that is? Thanks! MY RESPONSE: I will be focusing on Arizona in the bonus section of Book-18 or Book-19 (out Sunday Jan 17 or Jan 24). What I will say […]

Preview of SECRETS-1

REAL World “Ninja” Pick 3 Secrets Revealed for the First Time!  (NOTE: You Need Cheat Sheet 3.2 to get the most out of this book. You can find Cheat Sheet 3.2 HERE. You will need to purchase Cheat Sheet 3.2 to get the most out of this book since all the examples I use in […]