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Questions and Answers for March 31, 2014

Question: Are the economic benefits of your systems only achieved if 5dimes is used?  Answer: For the most part YES because they pay much more than what you would normally get. ===================================================== Question: There are so many strategies on your websites that I do not understand. There is so much information that I don’t know where to start. Can you […]

Virginia: Basic DTD, Reduced List, and Code/Key Match

DTD Reference Box/Playlist 10 Numbers used: 801 957 063 398 657 559 521 098 706 309 DTD Reference Box 2 6 4 1 3 0 8 7 5 7 9 9 6 5 3 Straight/Box 264 260 265 269 263 234 230 235 239 274 270 275 279 273 294 290 295 254 250 164 […]

Playlists for Several States – Monday March 31

These numbers are good for the next 6 drawings. Cross reference with your systems/workout to narrow the playlist. I got these numbers by entering the last 6 to 8 numbers that hit these states on the Visual Digit Distribution program to get the 2 hottest digits and then I entered those two digits on the Digit Playlist […]

VDD Program – Q and A

Question Hey Anthony, I thought with the VDD program the number that were used were the 2 that hit the LEAST amount in the past 12 drawings?============================================================== Answer The VDD program gives you the distribution of digits. You CAN use it that way and I sent out a report once using this specific use of the […]

Ruel Won $375 in Pick 4 Using One Technique in the $600 Report

Ruel Won $375 in Pick 4 Using Just One of the Many Technique I Teach in the $600 Report. Click on the image below to see a 5dimes screenshot.  

359 Straight in New York

359 just hit New York (Friday March 28, 2014). That’s interesting because in the $600 Report I wrote about how you can use the Visual Digit Distribution program to get two hot key digits. For example, using the last 9 results in New York, the program gives me this: Visual Digit Distribution 9 Numbers used: 418 […]

My Most Advanced Strategies are on the $600 Report

Lately I have been posting my latest and most advanced Pick 3 strategies as additional chapters on the $600 Report. Right Now the report is up to 36 pages…and it’s still growing. The only people who have been able to read this special report are the current members of my paid coaching program. And just […]

The 6 Straight Number Strategy for Each State

I just added a new chapter to the $600 Report. This straight number system is related to the Ultimate Solution: The 6 Straight Number Strategy for Each State

I Just Found “The Ultimate Solution”

I believe I have solved the Pick 3 riddle. After YEARS of searching, I have finally cracked the Pick 3 code. But before I get into that, let me point out that I have updated the 3 Points. I have updated my Ultimate Goal. My Ultimate Goal is simply to win consistently. That’s it. Consistency […]

$1,418 Profit Playing Pick 4

I have taken the $600 System to another level. I just figured out how to: 1. Come up with a unique Control List for YOUR state. I have a generic 60 number Control List good for all states. But I have news for you: The new system I just come up with will teach you […]