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Reviewing 2015 – Planning for 2016 (Success Books)

I have a video I think you should check out. I have been following this guy for a year now. I learned how to put up my books on Kindle from this guy. His name is Stefan Pylarinos and he teaches people how to be successful. He has a really cool system where he sets goals for […]

Q&A: My Top Two Books

QUESTION Hi. I very much interested in your program but I would like to know which book should I start out with that will give me the most and up to date strategy without going through all your books. What I mean is that I’m sure (maybe) your last book has all in one of […]

Get the AANewYork Personal Tracking Sheet – $29

  This offer is only good if you have read Secrets-2 and you want to take things to another level. You can get it HERE here from Amazon (or email me to get the PDF at I am now offering my personal Excel tracking sheet. This is the tracking sheet I use every day […]

Get Book-15 and 7 Day Access for $4.99

Its Sunday morning, December 27. I just sent out Book-15 to members of the 7 Day Club. I want to try something new this week. I can send you the PDF version of Book-15 and give you 7 day access to my programs for just $4.99. To get this, you will have to go to your Paypal account and […]

841 Just Hit New York

841 just hit New York. That’s 148 in box form. I predicted 148 for NY on my previous post.

39 Numbers for New York

Digits 01 are due in the First Position in NY. I like 789 in the third position. The 2-way list for these two lists are these 39 numbers, good for NY for Tuesday Dec 21 or until one of them hits: 017 018 019 027 028 029 037 038 039 047 048 049 057 058 […]

392 Just Hit NY (239 = xx9)

I predicted xx9 and xx8 numbers for NY earlier today, and xx9 just hit: 239. At least one person hit:

xx8 and xx9 Numbers are Due in New York

  xx8 and xx9 numbers are due in New York. (You would know this if you are using the SECRETS-2 tracking system in NY). Which means that I would only play numbers from this list for the next one to two days. 018 019 028 029 038 039 048 049 058 059 068 069 078 […]

Report Sent (Check your email)

Check your email for my last report. Or email me to be added to my email list to receive FREE Pick 3 reports. You can email me at Write “ADD ME” on the subject line.

The x4x List Reduced to 8 Numbers

The top two digits in the third position for all 120 box numbers in the Pick 3 game are 8 and 9 (xx8, xx9). Therefore, when looking at the 20 x4x numbers (digit 4 happens to be the top middle digit in the Pick 3 game), the list can be reduced to just 8 numbers. […]