Get the AANewYork Personal Tracking Sheet – $29


This offer is only good if you have read Secrets-2 and you want to take things to another level. You can get it HERE here from Amazon (or email me to get the PDF at

I am now offering my personal Excel tracking sheet. This is the tracking sheet I use every day to track the New York numbers. If you track New York numbers, great.

If not, just study my sheet and see what I am doing. Everything is color coded so its very easy to see and understand what I am doing (this assumes you read
Secrets-2 of course).

There is additional information here NOT contained in Secrets-2 by the way. In total, there are 5 (FIVE) pages on the sheet. Each page looks at the numbers from 5 different angels.

Study my 5-part tracking system carefully. After you understand what I am doing, just copy the sheet and put in the numbers from your state…Easy!

A Side Note: There is a page on the sheet called “Consolidated” which has what I call a Single Tracking system. You will understand what I mean when you see it. I have not discussed this yet….but I will discuss it on my next book, Secrets-3 (which should be out in late January or in February).

If you would like the sheet, send me $29 via Paypal using my email, On the Notes section write,
“AANewYork Personal Tracking Sheet”.

I will throw in TWO Bonuses:
1-30 Day Access to
2-30 Day Membership to the 7 Day Club

Again, send $29 via my email to get my tracking sheet and the 2 bonuses above!


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