100-200 Tracking Systems

Preliminary Hit Report

Below are the hits (so far) from the 10 numbers I postedon Sunday. I got these numbers by wheeling the coldest5 digits from the last 200 drawings (see my last reportfor a full explanation: Secrets-Two Tracking Systems).I will post all the hits at the end of this week. GEORGIA210 Hit on Tuesday April 13 ILLINOIS208 […]

SECRETS-Two Tracking Systems

NEW Report!! SECRETS-Two Tracking Systems This is the top report here:https://www.pick3master.com/free-pick-3-reports This is a POWERFUL report. Repeat:This is a POWERFUL report! If you can not download it, email me withSEND ME SECRETS-TWO TRACKING SYSTEMSon the subject line of your email. You canemail me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com