The Take 5 System — NOVEMBER 20

Below is the email I just sent out to Money Club members. This Take 5 Report will explain my Take 5 System in detail. This will be the same basic system I will be using in the future on other “big money” lotto games: Lotto, Cash4Life, Powerball, Mega Millions, etc. Make sure you are a MONEY CLUB or GOLD-PLUS member […]

Testimonial I Just Got (Take 5 Update)

Thanks for the updates. I really appreciate the way u keep them coming. Also I wanted to let u know that on 10/26 I used your distribution system -40 and one of the numbers that came up was 489. To make a long story short, I played it and WON! and I played it the way […]

Take 5, Mega Millions, PowerBall, Lotto

I have some EXCITING NEWS! I have recently started to look into games that I previously avoided playing because of the huge odds against winning. My attitude now is that if I play ALL of them, my chances of winning go up significantly. This is especially true if an effective system is being used across the board in ALL the […]