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Gold membership will give you access to all my brand new and updated Win 4 programs: Win-4 Programs > NEW YORK 66 > CALIFORNIA 22 > GEORGIA 77 > GEORGIA D88 > MISSOURI 8 > NORTH CAROLINA 6 > TEXAS-20 Singles > TEXAS-27 Doubles > VIRGINIA 9 NEW! I will be adding South Carolina Soon! […]


The Daily Hits program for the Pick 3 game is up! This program will tell you what Pick 3 numbers will hit your state TODAY! GOLD SPECIAL > WIN 4 DAILY HITS > PICK 3 DAILY HITS <<<======NEW Program! > 20 STRAIGHT NUMBERS > THE 50 GROUPS If you are a Gold member, login. Enter the […]

19 Straight Numbers for New York (9-4-2017)

One or more of these 19 straight numbers should hit New York in the next 1 to 3 weeks: 048, 091, 167, 238, 246, 290, 472, 509, 538 562, 573, 632, 815, 820, 832, 914, 923, 943, 962 I actually started out with 20 numbers….but 271 already hit, as you can see HERE.  These straight numbers […]

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I sent out the report for New York for FREE last night. This report has numbers good for this week (May 21 to May 27). Email me if you did not get it. I just sent out to Gold members the reports for California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. If you […]

I Just Hit 7759 in New York (missed $2,250 payday!) (Hit 5263 too!)

I just hit the New York Win 4 AGAIN!  I hit 7759 BOX. If I would have played the numbers box and straight, I would have won $2,250. Oh well…next time! Below is just part of the output of the New York 66 program from last night. The full output shows 66 codes and the […]

I Just Hit 9460 Box in NY!!

I have some exciting announcements! First of all, my brand new New York 66 program for the Win 4 game is a winner! I back tested it this morning and basically, based on what I am seeing, you will show a profit EVERY WEEK you play the numbers this program gives you. This is a […]