Wheeling Program

Two New Programs!

You can use the two new programs below to wheel the 5 hottest or coldest digits in the numbers entered. The programs need a minimum of 20 numbers. You can back test the number amount (last 20, 50, 60, 100, 150, etc.) to see what works best for you. VISUAL DIGIT DISTRIBUTION-60VISUAL DIGIT DIST-100VISUAL DIGIT […]

Two NEW Programs (Wheel the 5 Hottest or Coldest Digits)

Wheeling the coldest 5 digits in the last 200 Pick 3 numbers that hit actually works. Here is the proof (click on the links below): Hit Report for April 18-24Hit Report for April 18-24 | Pick3 Master 333 Hit Report for Last Week (April 11-17)Hit Report for Last Week (April 11-17) | Pick3 Master 333 […]

Formula 6010

I just made an incredible discovery. I was going to reveal this system in Book-18 or Book-19 (I like to plan ahead), but this one is just too good; I will teach it to you right now. In Book-18 (or 19) I will give SEVERAL examples of these numbers hitting in the next 7 days. […]

Wheel 18074 for California = 014, 017, 018, 047, 048, 078, 147, 148, 178, 478

If we wheel the hottest five digits for CA, we get 10 hot numbers.  =============================== Wheeling Program Wheel 18074: 014 017 018 047 048 078 147 148 178 478 (10)

NEW! Wheeling Program Added!

Good News! I just added a wheeling program to Pick3programs.com. This program will give you the corresponding playlist of singles for any set of digits entered. You need to enter at least 4 digits. For example, let’s say you like digits 2, 4, 5, and 8. If you enter these digits on the program, it […]