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A Mind Power Experiment (Good Luck)

Amazing things have been happening to me after I started listening to this subliminal Booster–HERE. Basically, listening to this very short audio (its less than 3 minutes long) on a regular basis will send super-positive statements to your subconscious mind (I suggest you use HEADPHONES when listening to it). This in term will cause MIRACLES […]

PICK 4 Straight Numbers for This Week

Below are 8 Straight Pick 4 numbers good for this week: Sunday March 27 to Saturday April 2. However, these numbers should also be played BOX as well. If you paid for Pick 4 numbers and you don’t see your state on this list, let me know ASAP. I will continue to post numbers every […]

Sunday Pick 3 Report for March 27, 2022

Below are the hits from last week (March 20-26). ARIZONA435 Hit on Saturday March 26. ARKANSAS635 Hit on Monday March 21.615 Hit on Thursday March 24. CALIFORNIA197 Hit on Friday March 25. FLORIDA680 Hit on Wednesday March 23. GEORGIA650 Hit on Thursday March 24. ILLINOIS508 Hit on Sunday March 20.018 Hit on Monday March 21. […]

FREE Straight Pick 4 Numbers!

I will be posting STRAIGHT Pick 4 numbers starting next week.I will post the numbers on Sunday morning.The numbers will be good for the next 7 days (Sunday to Saturday).The states below have been paid for (someone paid $60 to get thesenumbers). NOTE: If you paid for your state and you don’t see it below,email […]

Question and Answer

QUESTIONI have a question regarding your systems. Is it still worth buying the 7-day coding program? I was wondering because some of it has changed hasn’t it? Like “10” numbers now on the Sunday report vs 8 in the coding program.. or am I wrong? ANSWERNo. You are better off studying the 60 number tracking […]

The Last 60 Number Tracking System

Pay attention to what I am doing for New York HERE. You can use the same system in your state. Notice that I am posting the 60 number distribution every night (I am posting the 60 number distribution on the LEFT and the 200 distribution on the RIGHT). For example, on Sunday the distribution was: […]


If you paid for the Straight Pick 4 numbers…..I will be sending out (and posting) the straight Pick 4 numbers this coming Saturday March 26 (or early on Sunday morning). They will be good for the coming week (Sunday to Saturday). The numbers are to be played both box and straight. If there is no […]

Straight Pick 4 Numbers

I have been getting several requests for Pick 4 numbers.So here is what I have to offer: I can give you 10 to 16 Straight Pick 4 numbers for $60. The numbers will be good for the next 14 drawings. No guarantee that any of them will hit….but they will be the absolute best Straight […]

60 and 200

There are two sets of numbers you want to pay attention to in the Pick 3 game: the last 60 and the last 200 numbers. More specifically, you want to know the digit distribution of these numbers (the digits arranged from hottest to coldest). I already discussed the distribution of the last 60 numbers in […]

Sunday Pick 3 Report for MAR 20, 2022

Below are the hits from last week (March 13-19). ARKANSAS617 Hit on Tuesday March 15. CALIFORNIA126 Hit on Wednesday March 16. FLORIDA984 Hit on Friday March 18. GEORGIA614 Hit on Wednesday March 16.516 Hit on Saturday March 19. INDIANA429 Hit on Sunday March 13.964 Hit on Saturday March 19. KENTUCKY637 Hit on Thursday March 17. […]