The Last 60 Number Tracking System

Pay attention to what I am doing for New York HERE.

You can use the same system in your state.

Notice that I am posting the 60 number distribution every night (I am posting the 60 number distribution on the LEFT and the 200 distribution on the RIGHT).

For example, on Sunday the distribution was:

That is what I posted for Sunday:

There are TWO sets of numbers here: one based on the top five hot digits (RED) and another set based on the bottom five cold digits (BLUE).

Here is what I did: I wheeled the top 5 hot digits:

Here is what I got:

Next step: enter these into the Group Matching System:

I got this (the top 4 numbers are 248, 249, 289, 489).

NOTE: 4-way means that these numbers show up 4 times on the list of numbers entered.

This is a very powerful system. I suggest you test it out in your state. Just keep in mind that there will be TWO sets of numbers based on the top set (HOT) and the bottom set (COLD) of five digits. You reduce both sets by wheeling the digits from the last 3 or 4 days. This will give you 10 box numbers. Enter each set of 10 numbers into the Group matching program to reduce the list. You can see the programs I am using below. You can test this system right now if you have access to my programs. If you do not, you will find membership details HERE.

STRATEGY: This was a hit from the TOP (the hot digits). This means that I am expecting a hit from the BOTTOM soon.

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