I have MANY systems and programs and if you are new to my work, it can be very confusing and overwhelming. But I am going to make it very simple for you right now. I will simplify everything. To understand my BEST work and the strategies that WORK consistently, you only have to read the 3 Kindle books below. 

My Top System. You can find it HERE.



Secrets-3. You can find it HERE.



7 Day Numbers. Read the most recent edition. You can find the link to it HERE.



UPDATE FOR APRIL 20, 2016: I have many Basic and Advanced supplementary strategies in Book-29 which you can find HERE.


UPDATE FOR APRIL 20, 2016: I highly recommend that you read at least one of the 27 Reports books and take the coding test in the book because coding will be the #1 skill in my approach to the Pick 3 game from this point forward. Answering the two questions in the test will teach you how to code numbers for your state based on the Revelation Box for the coming week, and collecting these codes is critical.  My best strategies now are based on you collecting these codes for your state and then finding out what are the hottest codes on your list. The links to the 27 Report Kindle books on Amazon are HERE. All the books have the same (high quality) content by the way; only the 27 reports are unique to every book.


UPDATE FOR MAY 15, 2016: Make sure to read Books 32, 33, 34, and specially 35. Books 32 to 34 explain the strategies I used to get 2 straight hits recently and Book-35 explains the Code Index



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