7 Day Prediction

The Win 4 Numbers for This Week! Dec 2-8

Click on the link below to open the PDF! Win 4 Numbers for DEC 2–DEC 8

7 Hits Last Week! (Win 4 Game)

Below are the Win 4 hits predicted by my Win 4 programs. To get the full Hit Report, email me with SEND HIT REPORT-7-HITS on the subject line of your email. You can email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com California 3089 Hit on Friday November 23. Georgia 0746 Hit on Wednesday Nov 21 North Carolina 4857 Hit […]

Win 4 Numbers for This Week! NY-CA-GA-MO-NC-TX-VA

Click on link below to open the PDF.  NUMBERS FOR NOV 11-17

Good for NY This Week: 7198, 7794, 6695, 7554, 1388, 9935

The 6 numbers below are good for New York until Saturday Sept 8. These are BOX numbers. There are two master numbers here (7198, 7794); put extra money on these numbers or play them straight (24 ways-12 ways). A 0.25 cent straight hit online pays $2250. There are also four doubles. If played for $1 […]