NEW Product (Coming Soon!)

What if I went back 10 weeks to find out how many hits were generated
by the 5 HOTTEST digits in the last 60 drawings? I then got the total
number of hits (my Sunday report is based on these 5 hot digits; when
you wheel 5 digits you always get 10 box numbers).

And then I went back again and got the hits from the 5 COLDEST digits
in the last 10 weeks. I get this total as well.

Now I will be able to tell which set of digit generates the most hits
in that state. It is a simple process of just seeing which number is
higher; the total number of hits from the 5 hottest digits OR from the
5 coldest digits.

Now I can focus on the 5 digits that give me the most hits. For
example, if the hottest digits gave me 9 hits in the last 10 weeks and
the coldest digits gave me 12 hits, I would obviously focus on the 10
numbers generated by the 5 coldest digits.

What if I did this for ALL 30 states? (I just added Mississippi to my
list; so I am now tracking 30 states).

This would reveal a lot of useful information – but it requires a
great deal of work. But you don’t have to do the work because I will do
it for you.

Here is what I mean; I will be putting up a NEW product soon that will
give you a report that shows all the hits from the 5 hottest and 5
coldest digits in the last 10 weeks for your state (assuming its one
of these states HERE). Just go to your state and look at the two reports.
You will be able to tell which digits work best in your state. These
two reports will save you a great deal of time and effort.

And there is MORE: I will put it all together on an Excel sheet so I
can compare ALL the states against each other. I will do this
comparison for the hottest digits and also for the coldest digits.

So for example, if you want to play the hottest digits, just look at
the HOT DIGIT EXCEL SHEET and see what states are at TOP of the list;
these are the best states to play the 5 hottest digits. There will be a
sheet comparing the cold digits as well.

This product (covering 30 states) will be priced at $79. However, you
can preorder now and get it for $69 (this includes 6 MONTHS added to
your account as well).

If you want to pre-order, email me with–$69-30 REPORTS
on the subject line of your email. I will add 6 months to your
account right away after I get your payment. I will give you
access to the product once it’s up in about 2 weeks. You can
email me here:

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