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Illinois now has a Lucky program!

NEW state added! Illinois now has a Lucky program! You can see the hits for Illinois on pages 61 to 70 on the Hit Report for this week! Best Programs > LUCKY 28-ARIZONA > LUCKY 14-ARKANSAS > LUCKY 14-CALIFORNIA > LUCKY 14-DELAWARE > LUCKY 14-FLORIDA > LUCKY 14-GEORGIA > LUCKY 14-ILLINOIS   <—————-HERE > LUCKY 7-MICHIGAN > […]

How to Get 3 Months of Basic or 5 Months of Gold

If you are currently NOT a member of the 7 Day Club, you can get this weeks numbers for FREE. Simply email me with SEND LUCKY 7-422 on the subject line of your email and I will email you both this weeks numbers plus the Hit Report for the last 10 weeks. You can email me at  Here are the instructions for […]

How to use the Straight Coding-333 Program (NEW Report!)

I just sent out a brand new report that explains how to use the brand new STRAIGHT CODING-333 program. GOLD SPECIAL > PICK 3 DAILY HITS > KEY PLAYLIST REPORT > PICK 3 NEW YORK DAILY HITS-80 > PICK 3 NEW YORK PLAYLIST-80 > PICK 3 NEW YORK DAILY HITS-60 > PICK 3 NEW YORK PLAYLIST-60 > […]

The AE Coding System Made Simple!

I sent out an email yesterday discussing my ABCDE coding system. Last night I realized that the system can be used without the 40 number distribution. The system can be used as a standard coding  system where the key is this: 01 = A 23 = B 45 = C 67 = D 89 = E I recommend turning […]

The AE Straight Coding System

NEW Report! Click on the link below to open this PDF.  The AE Straight Coding System

The WIN 4 STRAIGHT Number System (NEW!)

I have an exciting announcement. I just came up with a WIN 4 (Pick 4) system that sounds almost too good to be true – but so far this system has generated 3 STRAIGHT hits in the last 6 weeks in New York. There are a few incredible things about this system. They are listed below. 1-You only […]

Lucky 7 (Book-2) is up on Amazon!

My NEW Kindle is up on Amazon! (Lucky 7-Book-2): You should read this Kindle if you are in any of these states: North Carolina, New Jersey, California, Delaware, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. Why? Because the state INDEX is very high in these states.  What is the state Index? I explain that in this Kindle, along […]