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Illinois now has a Lucky program!

NEW state added! Illinois now has a Lucky program! You can see the hits for Illinois on pages 61 to 70 on the Hit Report for this week! Best Programs > LUCKY 28-ARIZONA > LUCKY 14-ARKANSAS > LUCKY 14-CALIFORNIA > LUCKY 14-DELAWARE > LUCKY 14-FLORIDA > LUCKY 14-GEORGIA > LUCKY 14-ILLINOIS   <—————-HERE > LUCKY 7-MICHIGAN > […]

How to Get 3 Months of Basic or 5 Months of Gold

If you are currently NOT a member of the 7 Day Club, you can get this weeks numbers for FREE. Simply email me with SEND LUCKY 7-422 on the subject line of your email and I will email you both this weeks numbers plus the Hit Report for the last 10 weeks. You can email me at  Here are the instructions for […]

How to use the Straight Coding-333 Program (NEW Report!)

I just sent out a brand new report that explains how to use the brand new STRAIGHT CODING-333 program. GOLD SPECIAL > PICK 3 DAILY HITS > KEY PLAYLIST REPORT > PICK 3 NEW YORK DAILY HITS-80 > PICK 3 NEW YORK PLAYLIST-80 > PICK 3 NEW YORK DAILY HITS-60 > PICK 3 NEW YORK PLAYLIST-60 > […]

The AE Coding System Made Simple!

I sent out an email yesterday discussing my ABCDE coding system. Last night I realized that the system can be used without the 40 number distribution. The system can be used as a standard coding  system where the key is this: 01 = A 23 = B 45 = C 67 = D 89 = E I recommend turning […]

The AE Straight Coding System

NEW Report! Click on the link below to open this PDF.  The AE Straight Coding System

The WIN 4 STRAIGHT Number System (NEW!)

I have an exciting announcement. I just came up with a WIN 4 (Pick 4) system that sounds almost too good to be true – but so far this system has generated 3 STRAIGHT hits in the last 6 weeks in New York. There are a few incredible things about this system. They are listed below. 1-You only […]

Lucky 7 (Book-2) is up on Amazon!

My NEW Kindle is up on Amazon! (Lucky 7-Book-2): You should read this Kindle if you are in any of these states: North Carolina, New Jersey, California, Delaware, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. Why? Because the state INDEX is very high in these states.  What is the state Index? I explain that in this Kindle, along […]

5 Months of GOLD for $60 (SPECIAL)

Gold membership gives you access to ALL my Pick 3 and Win 4 programs. The price is 3 months for $60. However, I am running a Special this month: this month only you can get 5 MONTHS of Gold membership for $60; that’s now until SEPTEMBER of this year. If interested, email me with this on the subject line […]

Lucky 7 (Book-2): The INDEX and the 7 Number STRAIGHT Number System Revealed!

This is Book-2 in the series. It will be up on Amazon in a few days. This is the follow up Kindle to the first book in the series (link at the bottom of this post). First of all, you should definitely read this Kindle (Book-2) if you are in these 3 “super states” (based on the […]

Pick 5 Program is up (NEW!)

I just sent out an email discussing two brand NEW programs on the Pick 5 game! (45789, 87123, 90343, etc.). If you are on my email list, the email should be in your inbox. If you did not get the email, email me at with SEND PICK 5 EMAIL on the subject line of […]