The WIN 4 STRAIGHT Number System (NEW!)

I have an exciting announcement.

I just came up with a WIN 4 (Pick 4) system that sounds almost too good to be true – but so far this system has generated 3 STRAIGHT hits in the last 6 weeks in New York. There are a few incredible things about this system. They are listed below.

1-You only have to play 16 straight numbers.
That’s all; just 16 numbers. Based on what I am seeing, you will get 1 or 2 hits PER MONTH (remember; a $1 Win 4 straight hit pays $5,000 or $9,000 if played online at

2-This system is NOT based on my coding system.
This means that you do NOT need to use any of my programs to use this amazing system.

3-This system is SIMPLE.
Nothing complicated here. Its all about identifying the best digits to play in each of the 4 positions.

4-This simple system can be used as a PEN and PAPER system.

5-However, you will speed things up by using a few simple EXCEL functions (nothing complicated; just sorting a special list to make it easier to count certain things).

6-There is nothing to figure out on Saturday night.
You can get the 16 numbers on any day of the week. Just keep playing them for the next 30 days (or until you get a hit).

7-The same system can be used in the Pick 3 game.

8-The same system can be used in the PICK 5 GAME to get STRAIGHT hits! (Example: 56894, 90234, 45122, etc).

Now…before I put out a report explaining how this system works, I will keep back testing it to verify that it works. If I like what I see, I will write out a detailed explanation of how the system works in my next Kindle book.

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