Get the Master Numbers For Your State By Doing This

Always have the Master Numbers for your state in front of you. You get these numbers by getting the List-8 numbers from the Revelation 20, 40, and 60 programs and then copying them into the Group Matching System. The program will give you the 2-way and 3-way numbers. These 2-way and 3-way numbers are your […]

Genius Mode: Master Numbers, Beta Numbers, Insurance, and Blanket Betting

I am on Pick 3 Genius Mode today ladies and gentlemen! Log into the Members-Only page to read all about some completely NEW terms and strategies such as Master Numbers Beta Numbers Insurance¬† Blanket Betting These are the strategies that made it possible for me to predict 457 this morning…and then have it hit a […]

Top 8 Box Numbers for NY: 016, 068, 123, 126, 239, 348, 457, 689

Here is a more complete list of box numbers for NY¬†good for the next 30 days. 016, 068, 123, 126, 239, 348, 457, 689 If you only want straights, stick with 431, 567, 838. IF you would like a similar list for your state, email me the last 333 drawings of your state (about 6 […]