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VDD Digits and Pairs: NEW Report for October 30

VDD Digits and Pairs (NEW Report for October 30) Click on the link below to open the PDF report. VDD-DIGITS-PAIRS

5 Digits Per Position and Only 61 Numbers

This is very interesting. I put in 5 digits per position and actually got less than 80 numbers; just 61. And this is because some of the digits repeated (456). Fist: 12345 Second: 56789 Third: 45678 Playlist 12345-56789-45678: 145 156 157 158 146 167 168 147 178 148 149 159 169 179 189 245 256 […]

Use LESS Digits on the DTD Reduction Program

The DTD program gives you 5 digits for each position. The playlist it gives you has 80 numbers (yeah, that’s a lot of numbers). This means that for you to get the most from the DTD Reduction program you have to use LESS than 5 digits per position so you can get LESS than 80 […]

Use the Reference Box Programs to Get Digits for Each Position

Here is one great way of getting digits to use on the DTD Reduction program; use the Reference Box programs at For example, in the example below, the program gives you the reference box (RB) for the 14 numbers entered. Based on the RB, the best digits for the FIRST position are: 2-5-9-0. And […]

Straight “DTD Reduction” Program Coming Soon!

Two quick announcements.  First, I have a new mailing address. Email me to get my new mailing address if you are mailing in payment for the Pick 3 coaching program. My email is  Secondly, I will be adding a new straight version of the current DTD Reduction program. The current program gives you the […]

Introduction to the DTD Tracking System (NEW System!)

NEW coding system based on the DTD program at Click on the link below to open my brand new PDF report. Introduction-DTD Tracking System

DTD Playlist Reduction: From 80 to 36 Numbers

See the post before this one.  It’s actually possible to reduce the 80 numbers that the DTD program gives you down to just 36 numbers. To do this you first need to see a hit where one of the numbers was either one of the top or bottom 3 digits on the DTD reference box.  […]

Good for New York: DTD Reduction

I already started using the DTD Reduction system. Based on this system, I can remove the top digit in the 3rd position. DTD Reference Box/Playlist 10 Numbers used: 127 031 569 357 826 555 534 751 860 553  DTD Reference Box 4 7 9 8 6 5 2 0 3 0 1 1 7 3 […]

Brand New Report: DTD Reduction

See my brand new report: NEW Program coming10-17  

The DTD Program Deserves More Study

There are many, many interesting things in the DTD reference box. I have talked about some of them, others I have not.   For example, 031 just hit New York. Notice how the three digits (0, 3, 1) were at the bottom of the reference box going back 10 numbers from the 357.  Actually, it had […]