6 Number System

The 6 Number System Requires Patience

The new 6 number program will be up within 48 hours. However, you can get the code from the Code-3 program for now. Keep in mind however, that with this system you see a hit just once or twice a month; that’s it. This is NOT a system where you will get a hit every week. Weeks can go […]

FAST Back Testing Program Coming Up!

Email me if you are on my coaching program and you see that the code number hits on the next drawing in any other state besides New York. I am curious to see how well this system works in other states. **UPDATE** I will be putting up a program at Pick3programs.com that allows you to […]

6 Number System: A Guaranteed Way to Win Pick 3

The way to make a fortune playing Pick 3 has been right under my nose all this time but I have not been paying attention to it. I have been too busy looking at other more exotic ways of winning the game instead of putting all my attention on this simple system. Actually, the system […]