KERALA India: 1-5-4-0-6-9

The Pick 3 game can be simplified if you only use SIX digits. This limits the playing field. One way of getting six hot digits is to find the 10 most due pairs (just enter the last 100 numbers into the 10 DUE PAIRS program….see the bottom of this page). For example, the 10 most […]

3 NEW Programs (Coming Soon!)

I have some exciting news! I will be adding 3 new programs soon. The first two are two more versions of the Visual Distributionprogram. One will only work with 150 numbers. This means thatif you copy a large list into the program (say 200 or morenumbers), the program will only use the first 150 numbersand […]

Six Digits: TWO Systems (Coding is Better)

I am currently teaching TWO ways to identify the six hottest digits in the Pick 3 game. One is based on the hottest numbers and pairs in the last 100 drawings. I sent out a FREE report explaining this method. If you did not get the report, email me with SEND SIX DIGITS REPORT on […]

How to Find the Six Hottest Digits in the Pick 3 Game

If you are on my email list, check your inbox. I just emailed you you a report (from my moneymachine email) explaining how to identify the six hottest digits in the Pick 3 game. NO TRAINING REQUIRED. NO CODING REQUIRED. The system I use only requires the last 100 Pick 3 numbers that hit your state. If you did […]

How to Find the Hottest Pair

EMAIL I just got: I’ve never been a fan of chasing the “due” in gambling. Is there any way of using a combination of your programs to find the trend and follow it? MY RESPONSE You can find out what the hottest pairs are by entering the last 40 numbers that hit your state into […]

985 in New York (6 Digit Report)

A player from New York just sent me the picture below….this person obviously read the 6 Digit Report I sent out. This is the report I am referring to (click on it to open it): the-6-digit-system  

The 6 Digit System (FREE Report!)

I just discovered a really cool strategy. Click on link below to open a free report with all the exciting details! the-6-digit-system  

540 in New York

540 hit New York tonight. The digits 5-4-0 were three of the hot digits I predicted for NY. They were in the FREE report I posted. You can use the same system to identify the hottest digits in your state! Click on link below to open it! how-to-find-the-hottest-digits You can use my programs for 30 days if you join […]

How to Find the Hottest Digits (FREE Report!)

Click on link below to open this FREE Report! How-to-find-the-hottest-digits   ================================================ ================================================ FREE 7 DAY PICK 3 TRAINING PROGRAM https://pick3master333.com/free/

Digits 3 and 4 in New York: 048 049 123 124 134 136 137 138 (8). The Control List

I like digits 3 and 4 in NY (I will explain why in a future report or book; not sure yet). Entering digits 3 and 4 on the brand new Hit Parade 100 program gives me a list of 52 numbers that have a 3 or 4 in them: List 34: 013 023 024 034 […]