Coming Soon: 36 Straight Numbers (System Explained)

The 36 straight numbers I posted (for the week of MAY 9-15) generated 13 straight numbers. In this Kindle I explain how the system works. I also explain how to make the system profitable by playing less days (not all 7 days) and how to track the Win-Lose cycle (if there were no hits in […]

Blocks 13–02–48–57–69 (Updated)

I am updating the block system to reducethe amount of numbers. Each block now has two digits. The new blocks are these:13–02–48–57–69 At any point in time, three of these blocksare dominant in any state. I explain how to identity the three hottest blocks below. This means that there are only 20 numbersto deal with […]

Blocks 13–024–578–69

NEW REPORT!!Blocks 13-024-578-69 Its the top report here: This system can be used as a Draw to Draw system! ================================================= If you are not able to download the report,email me with SEND ME BLOCK REPORTon the subject line of your email and I willemail it to you. You can email me

My Best Pick 3 System (May 2020)

This is my latest Kindle. I posted the first part of this Kindle for free on my website. However, the second part of this Kindle has NEW information on how to narrow down the last two sets of 51 followers to a short list of about 19 to 25 numbers. These numbers hit more frequently […]


What are the most due doubles in your state? What doubles are most likely to hit your state next? I just put up a program that can give you the answer to these questions. It is the DOUBLES RUNDOWN LIST program. Here are the program instructions: Enter the last 120 numbers that hit your state. […]

The NEW and Improved STRAIGHT Coding System!

I just improved my straight coding system. This NEW method increases your chances of getting a straight hit because there are only FIVE positions (not 10). ALL the codes will be made up of only five digits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. You will be seeing the 14 number version of this new coding system […]


I just out an email explaining my Brand NEW Pick 3 system that gives you numbers to play TODAY. This new system is used to get numbers to play for Today Only. It should give you 2, 3, 4 hits PER WEEK. If you did not get this Special email, email me with SEND ME […]