Testing a new system. I am calling this system: 7 Lines. The numbers are great…but the playlist can be long (you can use hot or cold pairs to reduce the list). These numbers are good from now until Sunday May 29. GEORGIA: Good for Monday to Sunday (May 23-29)129 239 458 NEW JERSEY: Good for […]

Play this Game in your State

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The Trend is your Friend (NEW Better Numbers!)

You heard the saying: the trend is your friend. This means that you should follow the trend. If a particular set of numbers is currently hot, you should play them. However, I am NOT going with the trend with the numbers I am posting on Sunday morning; I am actually going against the trend because […]

New Program (More Hits)

I just put up a new program. This program gives you a playlist of 10 numbers based on the coldest digits in the last 60 drawings. This list will have more hits for some states. For example, there are no hits so far from the 10 numbers I posted for New York for this week…HERE. […]

This is Interesting

This is very interesting. I got the digit distribution of the last 60 numbers starting from the 608 that hit on Sunday night in New York. You can see the output below. Notice that the five coldest digits are 7-9-1-5-3. When wheeled, this gives ten box numbers: Wheeling ProgramWheel 79153:135 137 139 157 159 179 […]

NEW Strategy

I explain how to get the 5 hot numbers HERE. What I will be doing from now on (at least for New York) is posting the new set of 5 numbers on Saturday night (using the last 200 numbers that hit). If one of them hits in the next 7 days (Sunday to Saturday)…great. If […]

FLORIDA: 127, 139, 389, 579, 789

I explain this system HERE.

New York: 458 459 479 578 579

I am testing out a new system. This system only requires the last 200 numbers that hit (not the last 1400 numbers). The system works like this: you enter the last 200 numbers into the Visual Digit Distribution program to get the 7 hottest digits. Wheel these to get 35 singles. Then remove numbers from […]

VIRGINIA 55 (FREE Advanced Report: 73 Pages)

This NEW report explains my most advanced Pick 3 Strategy. It is 73 pages long. This report is FREE. The strategy I explain here applies to ALL states. It is the top report HERE. If you want me to email you this report, email me with SEND ME VA55 REPORT on the subject line of […]


I have a very powerful 5 straight number system that I just came up with. Here is how you use it: Get the 10 most due straight FRONT pairs in your state. You get these by entering the last 200 numbers that hit your state into this program: Best Programs> RUNDOWN-DUE PAIRS> STATIC 40> STATIC […]