My New Coding System: 543 in NY Yesterday

My NEW coding system predicted just 5 NUMBERS for New York for
Thursday April 27 (yesterday): 029, 118, 249, 345, 678.

The number 543 hit New York yesterday (345)!

This means that you only had to play 5 numbers yesterday to hit 543.

Same for today: the system is predicting 5 numbers for NY for TODAY:
Friday April 28 (I will NOT post these; you need the system).

Can be purchased HERE.

NEW and IMPROVED: This system is easier to use and only uses the last 14 numbers that hit your state. Also, you are only coding the number (or numbers) that hit the next day (you are not coding a WEEK–just ONE day.). This means that you use this system to get a hit TODAY!–not sometime in the next 7 days.

PICK 4: Once you understand how this new system works, you can use it to code the PICK 4 game. I will code the Pick 4 game after I get a few HITS from the Pick 3 game using this new system. However, once you know how this coding system works, you can start coding the Pick 4 game right NOW (you don’t have to wait for me). NOTE: If you want me to code the game for you, I can (Pick 3, Pick 4, or both). Email me for details:

If you requested my NEW Coding System, check your inbox.

If you previously purchased ANY of my coding products, this update is FREE.

Just email me with this on the subject line of your email:

If you currently have access to my programs,
email me with this on the subject line of your email:

If you don’t have access or purchased any products,
this system is available for purchase. Email me for details.

NOTE: This is an ADVANCED coding system, so you need to be familiar with the basics before you use it.

You can learn the basics by reading THIS KINDLE or THIS KINDLE.

Available for Purchase HERE.

Or from this product:
7 Day Coding System (

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