My Two Coding Mistakes (FREE Report–PICK 4)

My first coding mistake is that I code too many numbers. Usually I code the following WEEK (14 drawings). The problem here is that if NONE of my numbers hit, I am out all the money I spent during the week. Looking back at it now, my coding system would work much better if I just coded the next DAY…or better yet, the next TWO days (next 4 drawings; easier to find patterns with 4 codes). NOTE: If I was coding TEXAS, I would just code the numbers that hit the next DAY; 4 drawings. In Georgia I would code the next 3 drawings.

My next mistake was using of distribution of too many numbers (usually the lasts 40, 60, or 100 numbers). Now I see that there is no need to use so many numbers. I would be better off using a shorter list.

NEW SYSTEM: What I am doing now is coding the Pick 3 game in NY just using the distribution of the last 14 DRAWINGS. For example, below you can see the distribution of these 14 numbers: 559 609 395 543 055 402 921 828 634 599 355 508 943 860–

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Using 14 drawings is more fluid; the distribution changes every day.

Secondly, I am only coding the next 4 drawings.

FREE OFFER: I just sent my assistant instructions on this new coding project. These instructions include a Word document with the 14-draw distributions and an Excel sheet where I do the actual coding. If you are familiar with my coding system (explained HERE), you can benefit by looking at these documents. QUICK LESSON: I see that it may be best to identify the PAIRS in the codes; they are more common than numbers. This would mean playing 10 numbers (add digits 0 to 9 to the pair). But that is fine if I am just playing those 10 numbers for 4 drawings.

VERY IMPORTANT; if this works for the Pick 3 game, I will use the SAME coding system for the PICK 4 GAME (using the distribution from the last 14 Pick 4 numbers to code the next 4 numbers that hit). But you dont have to wait for me; you can see what I am doing for the Pick 3 game and start coding the Pick 4 game in your state right away.

IF you are a current paid member (you can access my programs): I can give you these documents for FREE. Just email me with SEND ME THE NEW CODING SYSTEM on the subject line of your email and I will send you these documents right away.

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