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New York This Week: 138, 237, 368 (May 29-June 4)

These are the numbers I will be playing in New York this week: 138, 237, 368  The numbers in the second and third positions are due to hit: 237, 368. 

I Hit 173 Straight in New York Last Night (5-27-2016)

This is My 3rd Straight Hit This Month! I will explain how I got this 173 Straight hit in Book-37, out tomorrow morning, Sunday May 29. If you are on the 7 Day Club, you will get it in the morning. (I will explain the strategies I was going to explain in this Book in […]

Wait for Book-37 Before Playing Again (save your money)

EMAIL I JUST GOT The ny pick 4 numbers you sent me haven’t hit. I know pick 4 takes a lot more luck. MY RESPONSE I know WHY they have not hit – I will explain it in Book-37, out this coming Sunday, May 29. I Book-37 I will be discussing my most advanced strategies […]

Virginia PDF, Book-37 = TEXAS!

Two announcements. First, if you bought the Virginia book, HERE …and you would like the PDF version of it (much easier to read and navigate), email me at with the Verification Code you see on the last page of the Kindle on the subject line of your email. So this means that you will […]

Bill Just Hit 078 in South Carolina (5dimes Screenshot)

Quick message… Did your step by step process (does take patience),  got 3 hits each week for 3 weeks on paper.  Got codes for 34 weeks, got my new codes for the week, opened account at 5dimes, played numbers starting today, playing .25 box plays as you suggested . Well, well, we’ll. FIRST draw is […]

Annesta Won $909.60 (344 Straight in Ontario)!

  Hi Anthony, I am so excited to inform you that the code system has worked in Ontario, Canada. I followed your instructions as per your email on Tuesday and the gift of North Carolina. I got the hottest codes and index numbers. The two top codes gave an index number of 14, less than […]

Good for Week 36 in New York (May 22-May 28)

Pick 3: 137, 235, 367 Pick 4: 0267, 0288, 0458, 1147, 1148, 1157, 1158, 1568, 2348, 2458 (10)

Book-35 is Up on Amazon! (FREE Report for NC)

  Book-35 is Up on Amazon! See what I did for North Carolina (click on the link below to open a FREE PDF report for North Carolina). NORTH-CAROLINA-059-049-089-258 The same idea applies to ALL states. Collect the codes from Reports 1 to 33 for your state.  (Book-35 explains how to do this in detail). […]

I Reveal the Code Index in Book-35

This strategy will make the coding system super accurate!

Good for This Week in New York (May 15-May 21)

Pick 3: 137, 238, 347 Pick 4: 0229, 0267, 0459, 1256, 1448, 1449, 1458, 1459, 2349, 2459 NOTE: I reposted the Pick 4 numbers on Sunday 5/15 at 1:12pm. Same 10 numbers in box form, arranged from lowest (0229) to highest (2459)