Bill Just Hit 078 in South Carolina (5dimes Screenshot)

Quick message… Did your step by step process (does take patience),  got 3 hits each week for 3 weeks on paper.  Got codes for 34 weeks, got my new codes for the week, opened account at 5dimes, played numbers starting today, playing .25 box plays as you suggested . Well, well, we’ll. FIRST draw is a hit with codes in SC… just letting you know to tell everyone. Go slowly and methodically as you suggest and it’s fun to watch.. Thanks and I’ll keep reading and trying to improve in the coming weeks. PS: Don’t mean to be long winded but I had 3 numbers that were 6 way which indexed at 18 and if I added the 5 ways (I think) I increased index to 33 which was awesome index. So I played a few more numbers for the week but already net a profit with one hit.




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