FOCUS: Every State is Different

I just put in the corresponding ABC lines for the last 11 New Jersey numbers and I quickly found out that NJ does NOT behave the way New York does. For example, three back to back high lines (12—10—10) were followed by lines 8 and 5; in New York that would have been lines 1, 2, […]

Updated Super 55 list for New York

This is the updated Super 55 list for NY. They are actually the first 55 singles on the A list for NY (lines 1, 2, 3, 4). If you back test this new list, you will notice that these numbers actually hit more frequently than the previous numbers I had. 012 013 015 016 017 018 024 025 […]

The New Jersey Super-55 List is Ready!

Go to this page to get the list!

The SECRET Follower System Discovered!

The SECRET Follower System Discovered! Line 8-Line 7-March-20.-doc

NEW Members-Only Report: Basic Strategy as of March 17

Check your email if you are a paid member for the brand new Members-Only report I just sent out: The Basic Strategy as of March 17, 2015   Or email me with “Member-Send Basic Strategy” on the subject line. My email is

NEW Tracking Sheet Format To Be Used (Excel Sheet Included)

Click the link at the bottom of this post to open up an Excel spreadsheet that will show you how your new tracking sheet should look like using the new ABC system where you track LINES, not groups.  I am using the New York ABC list and numbers here (you would do the same for Florida, Texas, New […]

The Texas Super 55 List is Ready!

The Texas Super 55 list is ready. I am giving this list out to everyone for FREE! Here is the page with the 55 hottest numbers in Texas: =============================================== If you are a paid member, email me to get the brand spanking NEW Texas ABC list! Write “Member–Send Texas ABC list” on the subject […]

The Perfect 15 X 15 Matrix Tracking System Discovered!

I just had (another) big breakthrough! I just realized that I can turn the ABC system into a perfect 15 X 15 matrix tracking system. Let me explain. In the ABC list for New York (you should have this list if you are a paid member) there are 15 numbers per line and the top […]

NY CC–AA (Top 2 Lines)

The New York ABC list worked exactly as expected yesterday. Two C numbers hit on Tuesday, so naturally, two A numbers hit yesterday. If you have the list, you will notice that 305 is all the way on top on line 2 and 216 is on line 3; which is exactly what I predicted on […]

216 Just Hit New York (Predicted on my New Members-Only Report)

216 Just Hit New York (midday Wednesday March 11). The number 126 is on line 3 on the New York ABC list. That’s interesting because I predicted that a number from lines 1 through 4 would hit New York next on the brand new Members-Only “Bottom 14-15-16” report I just wrote. This report (as well as […]