970 Just Hit Pennsylvania (Predicted on PDF and Kindle)

If you purchased the PA Kindle or PDF, go to the end of the report. Look for the page where I post the 3 hottest numbers for PA right now… says… Guess what?……079 just hit PA as 970. Redo the workout again (as explained in the report) to get the two due lines of 5 […]

Pennsylvania 55 is up on Amazon!

The Pennsylvania PDF is Ready (CA Next)

The Pennsylvania PDF (where I explain my best system Plus 3 Super Hot Numbers for PA this month) is ready for purchase. If interested, email me with $9.99-PA-55 on the subject line of your email and I will send you a Paypal invoice. This report will also be on Amazon as a Kindle in a day […]


I posted a free report explaining my latest Pick 3 system (using VIRGINIA numbers) yesterday. It’s the top report HERE. I am just finishing a similar report for PENNSYLVANIA.Same strategy. Same system. Right now the system is pointing to just 3 Super Hot numbers for PA. One of them should be hitting PA very soon. […]

596 Just Hit PA—its the 2nd Number!

The Visual Digit Distribution-COLD 5 program has been updated. This new program gives you the same 10 numbers–but they are arranged from hottest to coldest. These are the numbers for PA for this week (regular order, using the old program): NORTH CAROLINA—Keys 90358Good for Sunday to Saturday (October 31-November 6)035 038 039 058 059 089 […]


PENNSYLVANIA META LIST014 016 019 023 026 036 045 046 056 059067 068 069 079 089 124 126 134 137 159168 179 236 246 247 256 259 267 268 269278 279 359 368 379 389 459 468 479 568569 579 589 678 679 689 789 (47) MONEY LIST for PA014 023 026 045 068 079 […]

PENNSYLVANIA Super Special–3 Hot Numbers for OCT 3 to OCT 9

If you purchased my last Kindle, you can go to the link I gave you at the end of the Kindle for some UPDATES for PA. I just added TWO more documents; a PDF Report and an updated Excel sheet for PA. The report includes my Special 3 SUPER HOT NUMBER prediction for PA for […]

How Coding Works (NEW Kindle)

My next Kindle will be titled: How Coding Works Here I will explain my new updated coding system based on the last 200 numbers. All my Excel sheets are based on this coding system. The Kindle will explain, step by step, how to code your state. I will also provide a link to to a […]

10 Power Numbers for PENNSYLVANIA

An excellent list to have are the 10 most due Power numbers. These are the 40 power numbers in the Pick 3 game: The 40 Power Numbers028 029 056 057 058 059 127 128 129 145156 157 158 159 235 236 237 238 239 245246 247 248 249 256 257 258 259 267 268269 278 […]

Pennsylvania and Tennessee

Two announcements. First, I just sent out an update for New York. If you are my NY list, check your inbox. If you want to be added to my NY list, email me with ADD ME TO NEW YORK LIST on the subject line of your email. Second, I am working on the Kindle for […]