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Book-10 is FREE This Week!

I have something special for everyone this week. I am giving away Book-10 totally FREE. There is no catch here; it’s REALLY 100% FREE! There is a link to the PDF version of Book-10 at the end of this post. Book-10 has number predictions for 23 states. The numbers are good for this week: Sunday […]

A Guaranteed Winning System: Method 453

I have been a bit quiet lately – but I have been VERY BUSY with the VIP members. I have been teaching some INCREDIBLE stuff lately …but only to VIP members. So let me say a few things about VIP membership. VIP membership is $60 a month. However, you can join for just ONE month […]

Predictions for Several States

Below I have predictions for several states. I give you two key digits with a very good chance of hitting in the next 1 to 4 drawings.  Then I give you two lists of numbers for both key digits: a short list and then the standard list of 64 singles for those two digits (same […]

Book-9 is up on Amazon!

Sunday-Nov 15 Illinois: 817 (178) Missouri: 073 (037) Monday-Nov 16 Missouri: 851 (158) North Carolina: 741 (147) Texas: 182 (128) Virginia: 950 (059) ===========================  

x4x, x5x, x3x

There are 3 sets of numbers that tend to hit over and over again in the Pick 3 game. Those three sets are x4x, x5x, and x3x. I predicted x4x for New York on Monday for a simple reason: it was DUE TO HIT. And sure enough, 841 hit the next day (148 in box […]

Hits from Book-8

Sunday-Nov 8 Washington DC: 207 (027) Monday-Nov 9 Washington DC: 026 (026) Florida: 471 (147) Pennsylvania: 416 (146) Pennsylvania: 184 (148) Tuesday-Nov 10 – No hits Wednesday-Nov 11 – No hits Thursday-Nov 12 Texas 058 (058) Friday-Nov 13 – No hits

60 Day Access to (Email Only)

If you read this blog but are not on my email list, you missed out. I sent out an email this morning explaining how to get 60 day access to my programs. If you are on my email list, you should have gotten it. If you are not on my list, email me at […]

Q and A: Top System, Secrets-1, 7 Day Club

Hi Anthony. A couple of days ago, I bought your Kindle book “Pick 3 Lottery – My Top System – October 2015.” I have a few questions I hope you can answer when you get a chance.  1). Do the drawing results (i.e. List-8 numbers) need to be updated every day or once a Week? […]

Hits from Book-7

Sunday-Nov 1 Washington DC: 763 (367) Illinois: 049 (049) Monday-Nov 2 Florida: 721 (127) Virginia: 728 (278) Tuesday-Nov 3 – No hits   Wednesday-Nov 4 New Jersey: 720 (027) Thursday-Nov 5 – No hits ===================================

Book-8: Reduced Key Digit Play List (And Other Bonuses!)

Book-8 will be out this coming Sunday and it will be a Special Edition of the 7 Day Numbers book series. I will include an explanation of how the 10 Number System works. I will also include my brand new Control Numbers; a list of HOT numbers in the Pick 3 game. It will also […]