Q and A: Top System, Secrets-1, 7 Day Club

Hi Anthony. A couple of days ago, I bought your Kindle book “Pick 3 Lottery – My Top System – October 2015.” I have a few questions I hope you can answer when you get a chance.

 1). Do the drawing results (i.e. List-8 numbers) need to be updated every day or once a Week? What do you recommend. Depends on how much time you want to invest. I would do it once a week. Doing it every day will be time consuming.

 2). Is the information contained in “Cheat Sheet 3.2” and “Secrets-1″ also contained in the Top System” book? Is there any need to buy them in order to fully utilize the “Top System” book? “Cheat Sheet 3.2” and “Secrets-1” deal more with hidden patterns inside the Revelation boxes than with the Top System. I only recommend buying these two Kindle books if you want to learn about these hidden patterns.

3). The 7 Day Club – Does membership include the Weekly numbers for multiple states or just one specific state (I’m in Georgia)? It includes predictions for 23 states. All 23 states are listed on this PAGEI post the hits for all the books in the series on this PAGE.

 4). Are the 7 Day Club weekly numbers the same ones produced by the “List-8” numbers from the “My Top System” book? YES. That is the whole point of the book; to show you how I am getting the 7 Day Numbers.












QUESTION: Pick 3 Coach, I have just started to learn about pick 3.  I have read several of your 7 day numbers and used a combination of those and my own workouts.  I just can’t seem to narrow down my choices of numbers to play that fit in my budget. Hoping some knowledge and your programs will help me out. Thank you.

ANSWER: Now that you have access to my programs, you can use them to narrow down your list. Follow these 5 steps.

1-First step: Read Volume 1 to get a description of my main programs and how they work.

2-Now look at the results of these programs using the last 10 numbers that hit your state:

Super Six
Automatic Hot List
Basic Box
Revelation 4-10

3-Enter the results of these programs into the Group Matching System to get matching numbers. In other words, the Group Matching System program will instantly tell you numbers that repeat on the lists.

4-Focus on the 2-way, 3-way (and if there are any), 4-way and 5-way numbers. These are numbers showing up on more than one program; so these numbers are technically HOT.

5-MAKE SURE you read SECRETS-2, which you can find HERE.


This book will have my most advanced material as of November 2015. This book will teach you what is perhaps the most sophisticated and most accurate tracking system ever created for the Pick 3 game. That’s a big promise – but one that I deliver on!

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