7 Day Coding System

Pairs 37 and 57 for New York (Next 8 Drawings!)

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8 Keys to Pick 3 Success

Below you will find links and descriptions of my best strategies, FREE reports, and membership programs. 1-Recent Hits https://pick3master333.com/box-hits/ 2-Read my previous 10 posts on this blog (this will bring you up to date on my latest strategies).  3-FREE Training https://pick3master333.com/free/ 4-FREE PICK 3 REPORTS First sign up for my FREE training (step 3 above). […]

60 Win 4 Numbers for New York

My coding system can also be used to code the Win 4 game. Below are 60 box numbers for the New York Win 4 game for this week. These numbers are based on six hot triples based on the codes for the last 28 weeks in New York (392 codes). Those triples are 938, 936, 985, […]

How to Make $3,388 Every Month Playing Pick 3

I am putting the finishing touches on my 7 Day Coding System report. This is a 180+ page document explaining my coding system; the same coding system I used to get 6 HITS in a 5 DAY period! Check out the hits HERE. I thought I would be done by now, but I keep finding better […]

31 Numbers for New York

My coding system can be used to find hot numbers as well. I started out using it to identify just two box numbers, but I have noticed that its even better to get a bigger list. Below are the numbers based on the 31 hottest codes for NY right now. I am currently not using […]

I Hit AGAIN! – 069 in New York (Pair 60)

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I Hit AGAIN! – 490 Box Today in New York (Pair 40)

This is my 5th hit in 6 days! Check it out HERE! I predicted pair 40 for this week in New York and it hit today in the number 490. I said recently that I have found the Final Solution to the Pick 3 riddle – I was NOT kidding: I really have found it! […]