7 Day Coding System

A Coding Question

QUESTION I JUST GOT If I code the Win 4 game and the state only has one drawing per day, do I need to code 44 or 88 weeks? MY RESPONSE If the state has one drawing per day you will need 308 codes. 7 codes per week X 44 weeks = 308 codes  

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Only use the Standard List of 40 Numbers

QUESTION I JUST GOT I just noticed that North Carolina has a thing called double draw, which gives a day 3 numbers. This means that the last 40 numbers would excluded either one of the evening draws or the day draw. How do you decide the last 40? I’m coming across that in March. Thanks. […]

I Just Hit 980 Straight in New York (Predicted by my 14 Number System)

I just hit 980 straight in New York. This number was predicted by the system I gave away for FREE about a week ago; the 14 Number System. As you can see, the distribution for New York for this week is 35017-46289.  Two Hot Pairs 40 Numbers used: 119 807 666 205 340 758 632 […]

Two Hits in Virginia

I just got this testimonial from a player in Virginia who used my coding system to get TWO hits in the VA Pick 3 game. Hello Tony, Good afternoon from the great state of Virginia. As I did it last week with 364 exact using your Coding System, and your training, I have done it […]

Win 4 Training (Virginia, any state)

Someone just completed the Training for the Pick 3 game (where I personally coach you on how to code the Pick 3 game). They requested a Training for the Win 4 game for VIRGINIA (the coding process is the same for all states – but I will be specifically using Virginia Win 4 numbers in this […]

The Ultimate System, Complexity, and the Free Test

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