7 Day Coding System

17 Steps to Success!

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Pair 79 Works on a Daily Basis!

I have some EXCITING announcements! I posted a due hot pair system recently HERE.  However, the pair 79 system is turning out to be better than I thought (this is the pair made up from the 7th and 9th or last digit in the distribution of the last 40 numbers that hit—its the 2nd pair that […]

Book-705: A Sure Thing (This Works 100% of the Time!)

Coming Soon! There is only one thing I have seen in the Pick 3 game that works 100% of the time. This single pattern or system requires you to play 10 numbers per week and will give you 1 to 2 hits per week consistently, week after week. In this book I explain exactly what this […]

17 Steps to Success! (Coming Soon!)

715 Just Hit NY (Pair 15 Predicted)

I predicted pair 15 for New York this week HERE.  As you can see on the post, this is the only prediction I made for NY this week. The reason for this is that system I used to make this prediction is the closest thing to A SURE THING that I have ever come across in the […]

Play the 40 Hottest Codes

In Book-1 (Introduction) HERE I said that I found the Final Solution to the Pick 3 riddle. Now I see that the codes only provide the starting point of a complete and workable solution. The complete solution also includes other rules and strategies. Here are two of those additional rules and strategies: 1-Every player is trying to play less […]

Book-704 is up on Amazon!