7 Day Coding System

TWO Coding Systems (Advanced)

Check out my New York page for THIS WEEK (April 10-16) HERE. The numbers on the left are from a 60-number based coding system which is the SAME system that I explain HERE. The numbers on the right are from a 200-number based coding system (code the numbers that hit the following week based on […]

I Can Code Any State for $80

This product is FREE for another 24 hours:How to Code the PICK 3 Game (pick3master.com) You can read the instructions, learn the system, and code your own state. You are better off learning this system on your own… rather than depending on me to do it for you because sooner or later the numbers will […]

Pennsylvania and Tennessee

Two announcements. First, I just sent out an update for New York. If you are my NY list, check your inbox. If you want to be added to my NY list, email me with ADD ME TO NEW YORK LIST on the subject line of your email. Second, I am working on the Kindle for […]

TEXAS Documents SENT!

I just sent out 3 documents specifically for the TEXAS Pick 3 game. These follow the 6 documents I sent out yesturday. If you did not get them, email me with SEND TEXAS DOCUMENTS on the subject line of your email. You can email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com. If you did not get the 6 documents (which explain my Pick 3 […]

The Pick 3 Coding System (6 Documents)–SENT (FREE!!)

I just sent out 6 documents that explain my amazing Pick 3 Coding System in detail. Documents 1, 2, and 4 are PDF reports. I suggest you read these first. Documents 3, 5, and 6 are EXCEL sheets. Document 5 is the Excel Conversion Sheet. Use this sheet to turn hot codes into the actual numbers […]

NEW YORK Pick 3 This Week: 315, 312, 526

This will be useful for those who play New York numbers or who have a 5dimes account: Here are six hot digits for the New York Pick 3 game. They are good for this week (now until Saturday August 3): 3-1-5-2-6-0 Three hot numbers made from these digits are: 315, 312, 526 =========================================== STRATEGY: If you have […]

Coding Skills NOT Required (Just Use These 2 Programs)

Below is a question I just got and my detailed answer. QUESTION Hi AA, I am very sorry to bother you but I am not able to do the coding. I would like to stay a member of the system. so when I can use it I will. Thank you. RESPONSE You know…there are two programs that […]

Private Coaching Available (Phone and Email)

My 7 Day Coding System is my best system. It can be used to code both the Pick 3 and Win 4 games. Its a great system, but its not an easy system to learn. If you really want to learn this coding system but find it a bit too complicated (or you just want something […]

The Win 4 Coding Master Training is Ready!

The Win 4 Training is ready! I just finished writing the Win 4 Coding Mastery Training program.  This is an email based training that will teach you how to code the Win 4 game using my brand new Win 4 Coding Program: Win-4 Programs > NEW YORK 16 > ARKANSAS 12 > CALIFORNIA 12 > CALIFORNIA […]

WIN 4 MASTER: Advanced Coding Lessons

I said that I will be creating an email based training program to train GOLD members on how to code the Win 4 game using my Brand NEW Win 4 Coding Program (this program does most of the thinking and calculating for you; this means that you do NOT have to figure out what the codes are when […]