7 Day Coding System

TEXAS Documents SENT!

I just sent out 3 documents specifically for the TEXAS Pick 3 game. These follow the 6 documents I sent out yesturday. If you did not get them, email me with SEND TEXAS DOCUMENTS on the subject line of your email. You can email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com. If you did not get the 6 documents (which explain my Pick 3 […]

The Pick 3 Coding System (6 Documents)–SENT (FREE!!)

I just sent out 6 documents that explain my amazing Pick 3 Coding System in detail. Documents 1, 2, and 4 are PDF reports. I suggest you read these first. Documents 3, 5, and 6 are EXCEL sheets. Document 5 is the Excel Conversion Sheet. Use this sheet to turn hot codes into the actual numbers […]

NEW YORK Pick 3 This Week: 315, 312, 526

This will be useful for those who play New York numbers or who have a 5dimes account: Here are six hot digits for the New York Pick 3 game. They are good for this week (now until Saturday August 3): 3-1-5-2-6-0 Three hot numbers made from these digits are: 315, 312, 526 =========================================== STRATEGY: If you have […]

Coding Skills NOT Required (Just Use These 2 Programs)

Below is a question I just got and my detailed answer. QUESTION Hi AA, I am very sorry to bother you but I am not able to do the coding. I would like to stay a member of the system. so when I can use it I will. Thank you. RESPONSE You know…there are two programs that […]

Private Coaching Available (Phone and Email)

My 7 Day Coding System is my best system. It can be used to code both the Pick 3 and Win 4 games. Its a great system, but its not an easy system to learn. If you really want to learn this coding system but find it a bit too complicated (or you just want something […]

The Win 4 Coding Master Training is Ready!

The Win 4 Training is ready! I just finished writing the Win 4 Coding Mastery Training program.  This is an email based training that will teach you how to code the Win 4 game using my brand new Win 4 Coding Program: Win-4 Programs > NEW YORK 16 > ARKANSAS 12 > CALIFORNIA 12 > CALIFORNIA […]

WIN 4 MASTER: Advanced Coding Lessons

I said that I will be creating an email based training program to train GOLD members on how to code the Win 4 game using my Brand NEW Win 4 Coding Program (this program does most of the thinking and calculating for you; this means that you do NOT have to figure out what the codes are when […]

The Win 4 Codes Must Be Updated Every WEEK!

Click on the link below to open up this Special Report! The Win 4 Codes Must Be Updated Every Week

How to Code the Pick 3 Game (a Hit in New Jersey: 3252)

Good NEWS! The New Jersey Win 4 program is up! This program gives you 12 numbers for the NJ Win 4 game; 11 singles and one double. Win-4 Programs > NEW YORK 16 > ARKANSAS 12 > CALIFORNIA 12 > CALIFORNIA 22 > GEORGIA 77 > GEORGIA D88 > MISSOURI 8 > NEW JERSEY 12 > NORTH […]

How to get FOUR WIN 4 Reports for YOUR State!

I have some EXCITING News! I just put up the Win 4 program for OHIO. Enter the last 40 numbers to hit Ohio on Saturday night and the program will give you 22 numbers to play for the next 7 days. Win-4 Programs > NEW YORK 16 > ARKANSAS 12 > CALIFORNIA 12 > CALIFORNIA 22 > […]