DELAY in TAKE 5 Report ($54,000 SYSTEM)

My Win 4 system for New York predicted the number 3572 STRAIGHT on Monday (Nov 2). It also predicted the number 8196 STRAIGHT. This number hit NY two weeks ago on October 25. That is TWO straight hits in 3 weeks. This only required playing 16 numbers. Not 30 or 40 or 50 numbers – just 16 numbers. […]

The NEW Win 4 STRAIGHT System

QUESTION I JUST GOT Regarding the new Win 4 coding program. When converting the codes, are you still using 40 numbers for the visual distribution? Or are you going to use 100 numbers? I have been coding for Missouri all along so I am re-coding using the new program. MY RESPONSE The new Win 4 straight coding program […]