I Just Hit 606 Straight in New York

I am back in business boys and girls!  I just hit 606 straight in New York. I sent Gold members a “super list” of 59 straight numbers a few days ago. This list is good for New York (it may be good for Florida since FL and NY tend to mirror each other). In any case, the 606 […]

The LIST book is up on Amazon

The LIST book is up on Amazon. The numbers for 23 states are neatly lined up; just copy and paste them into any program you want to run all types of “experiments” and tests with different programs, systems, workouts, etc. There are 300 to 700 recent numbers listed for every state. This book is an […]

Here are the BEST Numbers to Play from Now to August 31

Here are the BEST numbers to play from now to August 31. These numbers are based on the Repeating number strategy I described in my last report and PRO numbers. NOT all states have Repeating or PRO numbers. Arizona: 158 Indiana: 381, 126 Illinois: 028, 569 Georgia: 178 Maryland: 834 Michigan: 367 Missouri: 815 Nebraska: […]

30 Day Access for $9.99, THE LIST PDF, and Prosperitity Videos

Three quick messages. First, email me if you would like to gain access to my programs for just $9.99 for 30 days. I will give you the details of a new program I just set up. If interested, email me with “$9.99 for 30 DAYS Program”  on the subject line. My email is Secondly, the PDF […]

Sales Page for THE LIST Book (Coming Soon)

The Numbers Are Here; Just Copy and Paste them Into Any Program!  I am a big believer in using programs to help you find winning numbers. Programs can perform complicated calculations instantly and eliminate human error. Programs make your life easier. However, you will find the way numbers are posted in all the states frustrating […]