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Book-24 Will be Special (NEW Hit Report!)

Today is Friday, February 26. Some quick announcements. First, Secrets-3 should be up on Amazon in a week or two. Second, I will have something very special in Book-24, coming out this coming Sunday, February 28. I will include a special hit report where I lay out the numbers the same way I normally do […]

3 New States Added! Arkansas, Connecticut, Minnesota

GOOD NEWS! I will be adding 3 more states to the 7 Day Numbers starting this coming Sunday, Feb 28. Arkansas Connecticut       Minnesota These 3 states will be included in Book-24 and they will have both the Regular Report and the Summary Report! Book-23 is up on Amazon! If you […]

When to Be Rigid in the Application of a Strategy

EMAIL I RECEIVED Dear Anthony: You are very kind and much appreciated. I will now backtest the best numbers for any state for Florida. It certainly is much less expensive than the Formula 6010 program. 24 numbers produced by the box to straight program is much better than 60. Having looked over Bbook-23, I read […]

Intuition Training System (New Report!)

Wow….I really got a winner here! Click on link below to open my NEW Report!  Intuition Training System Correction: I started to include the Summary Report in Book-18, not 17.  

SECRETS-3: Coming Soon!

SECRETS-3: Coming Soon!

New Report! 3 Lessons from 3 States

Click below to open PDF Report. 3-LESSONS-3-STATES

Book-22 is up on Amazon!

Book-22 is up on Amazon! (Book-21 had over 50 hits!)

The Super Set Principle

Paradoxically, individual hot numbers do not always hit. You need to play a GROUP of hot numbers to get at least one hit in a 7 day period (14 drawings). Ideally, the group should have 5 to 10 numbers. 10 numbers should be the maximum. This group of 5 to 10 numbers is called the Super […]

093 Hit Maryland Last Night (NEW Report)

Click on link below to open my latest report! 093 Hit Maryland Last Night

Guaranteed Money Maker – Part 3 (Book-21 Sent)

I am always improving my Pick 3 systems, and I just did it again in Book-21, which I just sent out to members of the 7 Day Club (instructions on how to join are at the end of this post). The Kindle edition should be up on Amazon tomorrow.  I just want to point something […]