When to Be Rigid in the Application of a Strategy

Dear Anthony: You are very kind and much appreciated. I will now backtest the best numbers for any state for Florida. It certainly is much less expensive than the Formula 6010 program. 24 numbers produced by the box to straight program is much better than 60. Having looked over Bbook-23, I read the section on the Plus1/Minus1 program. So just to be sure since all your numbers are box numbers as you have said.  Do you just add the six numbers produced by the program to the 24 numbers from the Best Numbers for any state strategy? Or do you feed each of these six numbers through the box to straight program one at a time in order to get 36 more numbers? I assume the time frame of 1-4 drawings with the Best Numbers for any state strategy apply as well.

Don’t be too quick to jump to any conclusions about any of my strategies. And don’t be too fixed in how you interpret them or apply them. 

What I do is throw out a lot of strategies and then see what happens.

I NEVER put any money on new strategies.

What I do is write down predictions based on these new strategies and then see what happens.

Or I back test the system to see how well it did in the past.

What will happen is that one of these strategies will come out a winner; one will outperform the other ones.

That’s the strategy I keep…and then I discard the other ones.

That is how I have gone from strategies that required you to play 40, 50, 60, or even 85 numbers in the past (Basic Box)….to my more recent strategies that only require that you play ONE number.

That is how I have gotten better; coming up with new strategies all the time and only keeping the best ones.

And then trying to improve the “best ones” to make them even better.

So be more flexible and “loose” in how you view and apply my new strategies.

The only time you should be rigid in the application of a strategy is when (1) its a proven winner, meaning that it has given you 5 paper hits and (2) the system requires you to do something very specific or play a very specific number or set of number for a specific time period.

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