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Cheat Sheet-4 is Ready!

Cheat Sheet-4 is ready and I have to tell you; this book is a thing of beauty! I have simplified the report for each state and provided an EASY and SIMPLE system to predict the best numbers to play for the next 15 days for 23 states! You can find Cheat Sheet 3.2 here. (I […]

Cheat Sheet 3.2 is up on Amazon! (Play Just 1, 2, or 3 Master Numbers!)

The 3.2 edition of the Cheat Sheet is up on Amazon right now ON THIS PAGE (you can email me if you want the PDF version at Let me tell you why this version is superior to the other edition; this book will give you the 3 outputs of the Revelation programs (20-40-60) PLUS […]

The Revelation Based “Cheat Sheet 3.2” is Ready! (PDF)

This NEW Updated version of Cheat Sheet 3 is based entirely on the Revelation 20-40-60 programs. It promises to be more accurate and generate more hits! The Kindle edition will be up on Amazon in a day or two, but the PDF version is ready right now. You can email me with “$9.99-PDF-CH-3.2”  on the […]

Cheat Sheet-3 is Ready! (Regular and Basic Editions)

The PDF version of Cheat Sheet-3 is ready right now! The Amazon version will be up later today or tomorrow. If you order the PDF version from me, you will get two versions; the regular one (over 70 pages!) with a lot of NEW strategies and systems and a shorter 12 page version with only […]

Buy CS-2: NEW Information on CS-3

I will be working on CS-3 (Cheat Sheet-3) this weekend. I will have NEW material in this edition including something called REV-20 and a Hot List that gives you the Best of the Best: a FEW super hot numbers from some of the states (not all states have hot numbers at the moment). Which means […]

Remember That Georgia Report?

THIS IS INCREDIBLE! I have a service where I create a Cheat Sheet Report for ANY state at ANY time. I describe this unique service in the middle of this PAGE. Someone bought the report for Georgia on Tuesday (August 25). I mentioned this HERE. I clearly pointed out 6 (SIX) super hot numbers to play in […]

Please Like My Page on Facebook

Please Like My Page on Facebook. Please leave a comment and give the page 5 stars! I have started to work on Cheat Sheet-3. It will be better and more accurate than Cheat Sheet-2!!

037 Straight in New York (Cheat Sheet Report)

037 just hit New York and it was on the CSR (Cheat Sheet Report). Here is where 037 (and pair 03) are on the report: NEW YORK STRAIGHT NUMBERS FOR AUGUST 15-31: 800 146 431 437 514 730 802 850 921 2-WAY STRAIGHT IN THE LAST 100D: 254 850 HOTTEST BOX NUMBERS (300D): 245 – […]

Only Play This ONE Number on the Cheat Sheet (NEW Special Report)

I just sent out one of the most important reports I have ever written. Its only 3 pages long but it packs a very powerful punch. If you are a VIP member or if you have used my programs in the past or been a long time member, check your email; I just sent it […]

Updated Hit List for Cheat Sheet-2

804 Box in Oklahoma on August 20 (Top of Rev Box) 149 STRAIGHT in Ohio on August 20 (300D) 947 Box in North Carolina on August 20 (300D) 084 Box in North Carolina on August 20 (Rev Box) 132 STRAIGHT in Texas on August 20 (2-Way Straight) 465 Box in Arizona on August 20 (Straight […]