Buy CS-2: NEW Information on CS-3

I will be working on CS-3 (Cheat Sheet-3) this weekend. I will have NEW material in this edition including something called REV-20 and a Hot List that gives you the Best of the Best: a FEW super hot numbers from some of the states (not all states have hot numbers at the moment).

Which means that you should read CS-2 because I explained the basics there; I want to move to the next level on this edition. You can find CS-2 on Amazon HERE, – If you don’t have it, email me with “$9.99 CS-2” on the subject line and I will email you the PDF edition after you make a Paypal payment (its much faster if you just send me $9.99 via Paypal at; just write CS-2 on the note).

CS-3 will be up on Amazon sometime tomorrow or on Monday. I will send an email out when its ready.


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