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The TEXAS Book is up on Amazon!

The TEXAS Book is up on Amazon! If you are a 7 Day Club or VIP member, email me the code on the last page of the Kindle and I will email you the PDF version which is easier to read and navigate. If you are a Gold member, I will email you the PDF tonight or […]

021 Straight in NC (Book-60 is the BEST Book in the Series)

Take a quick look at my post on Tuesday November 1 HERE.  Notice that the top 4 numbers I predicted for North Carolina were 012, 357, 346, 679 and the top line of STRAIGHT numbers I predicted were: 012 021 102 120 201 210 (6). Question for you…..What hit North Carolina LAST NIGHT??? Thats right: 021. […]

Texas Book Out This Week

Quick update: The Texas straight number book will be out this week. It should be up on Amazon before Saturday November 12. If you are a Gold member you will get the PDF edition right after it’s completed. I will send out an email once the Kindle is up on Amazon. I will be using […]

Book Covers for Straight-3, 4, and 5

Straight-5 has predictions for: District of Columbia, Indiana, Maryland, Missouri, Ontario, Pennsylvania and Washington. =================================== ===================================    

The States for the Straight-5 Book Coming on August 15!

More good news! I will be making Straight and Box number predictions for the following 7 states in the Straight-7 book coming out this weekend! The numbers will be good for August 15 to August 31. The book will be available in PDF form late Friday night or on Saturday morning for the same price […]

Straight-3, Straight-4, and Straight-5, and the Cheat Sheet Are Coming on August 15!

======================================== Here are SOME of the hits so far from the Current Cheat Sheet (the list is still good until August 14): TEXAS: 118 Straight on August 3, 2015 FLORIDA: 746 hit on August 7 (list had 476). FLORIDA: 238 hit on August 7 (238 hit) SOUTH CAROLINA: 593 hit on August 7 (list had […]

Use the Last 200 Numbers to Get a Shorter List of Straight and Hotlist Numbers

I was able to reduce the 9 straight numbers for New York down to 5 straight numbers and the 20 hotlist numbers down to just 8 numbers by using the last (most recent) 200 numbers on the Straight and regular Group Matching system programs (instead of the last 300 numbers). You can do the same […]

4 Books and FREE Access for just $9.99

I have a “Super Special” for those of you who have never used my programs before. This offer includes 4 books: Volume 1, Volume 2, Straight-1 and Straight-2 for just $9.99. (In the future this will be replaced with the two most current Straight books.) In addition to this, you will also get 30 day access […]

118 Just Hit Texas – Predicted on the Straight-1 Book (EASY $900)

118 Just Hit Texas. This is one of the 3 straight numbers that the Straight-1 book predicted for Texas!! This would have been an easy $900 playing online! (PLEASE EMAIL me as soon as you see any of the straight numbers predicted by these two books hits!)

Straight 1-2 are up on Amazon!

The Straight-1 and Straight-2 books are up on Amazon! Here are the links…. After the numbers start hitting….please post a review. If you do, email me the link to your review for my special gift. UPDATE I will be putting up the Straight-3 (TX, FL, NC, etc) and the Straight-4 (AZ, CA, GA, etc) […]