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I just put up a FREE Report showing the Rundown List-Key prediction for 26 states! You can download this FREE report here: ================================ TWO Hits in TEXAS! The next TWO numbers that hit Texas are on the Rundown List-Key list! 091 and 690 are on the list as 019 and 069! Texas September […]

No More Daily Report for New York

I will no longer be posting the daily Rundown report for New York like I have been for the last few weeks. I explain why in a new report I just posted HERE.  The report is titled No More New York Daily Report.  Its the report up on top.

FREE Report–The BRS System Made Simple!

Look at the previous post.  Those are the numbers I posted for NY last night.  The number 187 hit New York TODAY for midday. And as you can see, the number 178 is on all 3 list! How did I came up with these lists? Its all explained in my NEW report titled: The BRS […]

Email me to Get my FREE Pick 3 Tracking System

You can dowload my FREE Pick 3 Tracking System  HERE.  However, if you are not able to download the reports for any reason, email me with SEND TRACKING SYSTEM on the subject line of your email and I will email you the two documents right away. You can email me at  

The Pick 3 Tracking System (FREE!!)

My systems are great – but I am not getting the most out of them because I am NOT using them TOGETHER. Right now what I have are several isolated systems that work great – but I don’t have a way to combine their power to generate consistent hits. I just wrote a 57 page […]

The Master Habit (page 55)

I just updated the Lottodds report. It is 60 pages long (the two extra pages I added carry alot of weight!) The advanced stuff is on pages 55 to 60. This includes The Master Habit (page 55). I just put up the report as a FREE product on my website. This report is now available […]

EXCEL Sheet for YOUR State—-SENT!!

I send out 8 numbers to Money Club members on Sunday morning. These numbers are good for 7 days (Sunday to Saturday). I explain the system I use to come up with these 8 numbers on 14 documents, which you can get for FREE (just email me with SEND ME 14 DOCUMENTS on the subject […]

FREE Training (14 Documents)

Money Club members get my predictions for the week (for several states) on Sunday morning. I predict 8 Pick 3 numbers per state and many times one or more of my numbers will hit straight (as you can see on my weekly Hit Report). How do I come up with these 8 numbers? I explain […]

689 STRAIGHT in California–601 STRAIGHT in Georgia

Money Club members get my Pick 3 predictions on Sunday morning; the 8 numbers predicted are good for 7 days (Sunday to Saturday). Membership also includes 3 month access to all my programs. ***FREE*** To get this weeks numbers for FREE, email me with SEND ME THIS WEEKS NUMBERS on the subject line of your […]

The Pick 3 Numbers for This Week–SENT! (FREE!)

If you are on my email list, check your inbox. You should have my Pick 3 prediction for your state for THIS WEEK (JAN 26 to FEB 1). This is FREE. If you did not get it, email me with SEND ME THIS WEEKS NUMBERS on the subject line of your email. My email is […]