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The Sunday Report (FREE)

The Sunday Report (FREE)

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How to Get the 10 Numbers I am Predicting

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The Reduced Block Playlist (NEW Report!)

I just put up a NEW report on the Block System. Title: The Reduced Block Playlist. This report is FREE. The is the 3rd report in the series. You can find it here: ========================================Remember: I am running a one YEAR Specialuntil APRIL 7. You can use all my programsfor a YEAR for just $60. If […]

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I just wrote a brand new report where I explainthe honest truth about the Pick 3 game. This report is FREE. It is the top report on this page:

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The 60 Straight Number report I posted last week predicted an incredible 21 straight hits this past week. I just posted my 60 straight number predictions for THIS week: Sunday to Saturday (Feb 14 to 20). This report is FREE! In this report I reveal some NEW Pick 3 strategies! Its called:5–60 STRAIGHT NUMBERS-FEB 13 […]



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I just put up a FREE Report showing the Rundown List-Key prediction for 26 states! You can download this FREE report here: ================================ TWO Hits in TEXAS! The next TWO numbers that hit Texas are on the Rundown List-Key list! 091 and 690 are on the list as 019 and 069! Texas September […]

No More Daily Report for New York

I will no longer be posting the daily Rundown report for New York like I have been for the last few weeks. I explain why in a new report I just posted HERE.  The report is titled No More New York Daily Report.  Its the report up on top.