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Sorry…but I have to delay the release of my 7 Day Coding System Report by another two weeks. I say it should be ready by April 14. However, I will make up for this right now. You can get a FREE chapter from my upcoming report by clicking on the link below; it will open up a […]

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Below you will find links and descriptions of my best strategies, FREE reports, and membership programs. 1-Recent Hits 2-Read my previous 10 posts on this blog (this will bring you up to date on my latest strategies).  3-FREE Training 4-FREE PICK 3 REPORTS First sign up for my FREE training (step 3 above). […]

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Below is the email I will be sending out to all new members of my email list. Most of this should be familiar to you if you have been on my list for a while. If you do not have any of the reports mentioned, email me with the appropriate line on your subject line and I will […]

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EMAIL I JUST GOT Do you have numbers for evening pick in Kentucky tonight. I haven’t seen anything on your site that has any reference to Kentucky. MY RESPONSE I teach systems. You can use those systems to find numbers to play in any state. Here is what I will do: I will give you 10 […]

Introduction–10 Straight Numbers

Click on the link below to open my latest PDF Report.  NEW Straight Number System-JAN-26 I sent out an earlier version of this report before. This updated edition has more details. This report introduces the 10 Straight Number System and tells you how to get several FREE Reports. Just email me with the right line on the subject line of […]

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