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How to Code the Pick 3 Game ((48 Hours))

Here is my newly updated coding system–HERE. This system gives you both singles and DOUBLES to play. It also provides a better strategy to get STRAIGHT hits. This system is FREE–but only for 48 hours….so you better act FAST.I suggest you download these documents Right NOW!–HERE If you currently have access to my programs, you […]

FLORIDA 55 ((FREE)) Report

I just updated this system so that every consolidated list has exactly 55 numbers. I explain this entire system (which works in ALL states) in the Florida 55 report. This report is FREE. It is the top report on THIS page. This updated system replaces the system I explained in the Virginia report (not everything, […]

The Sunday Report (FREE)

The Sunday Report (FREE)

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To get the FULL Pick 3 Report for this week, (title: Pick 3 Report for June 5-2021), go to THIS PAGE (its the top report). FREE Pick 3 Reports (

How to Get the 10 Numbers I am Predicting

NEW Report Explains My Method! This Report is FREE! It is the top report on this page: FREE Pick 3 Reports (

The Reduced Block Playlist (NEW Report!)

I just put up a NEW report on the Block System. Title: The Reduced Block Playlist. This report is FREE. The is the 3rd report in the series. You can find it here: ========================================Remember: I am running a one YEAR Specialuntil APRIL 7. You can use all my programsfor a YEAR for just $60. If […]

The HONEST Truth About the Pick 3 Game

I just wrote a brand new report where I explainthe honest truth about the Pick 3 game. This report is FREE. It is the top report on this page:

21 STRAIGHT Hits!–FREE Report!

The 60 Straight Number report I posted last week predicted an incredible 21 straight hits this past week. I just posted my 60 straight number predictions for THIS week: Sunday to Saturday (Feb 14 to 20). This report is FREE! In this report I reveal some NEW Pick 3 strategies! Its called:5–60 STRAIGHT NUMBERS-FEB 13 […]