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I Just Hit 7759 in New York (missed $2,250 payday!) (Hit 5263 too!)

I just hit the New York Win 4 AGAIN!  I hit 7759 BOX. If I would have played the numbers box and straight, I would have won $2,250. Oh well…next time! Below is just part of the output of the New York 66 program from last night. The full output shows 66 codes and the […]

I Just Hit 9460 Box in NY!!

I have some exciting announcements! First of all, my brand new New York 66 program for the Win 4 game is a winner! I back tested it this morning and basically, based on what I am seeing, you will show a profit EVERY WEEK you play the numbers this program gives you. This is a […]

The TWO Number System (Pick 3) – NEW Report!

NEW Report! And it’s FREE! My latest report teaches you how to identify TWO super hot Pick 3 numbers to play in your state! This report is FREE! To get it, simply email me with this on the subject line of your email: “SEND – The TWO Number System (Pick 3)“. You can email me […]

I will Win $1,000 in February

EMAIL I JUST GOT What numbers have you hit in ny? It states you haven’t hit pick 3 in over a month. Your site is too confusing. MY RESPONSE I stopped playing Pick 3 because I can literally be making 10x more money playing Win 4. So I have all my money invested in Win […]

Make $400 to $1,000 Every Week!

EMAIL I JUST GOT Hello. Your sites have alot of information in them which seem good but I am getting seriously confused as to what I should use. I am in NJ and I am interested in playing either the pick 3 or pick 4 games. I also have a 5dimes account that i’ve used […]

My New Video

Coming Soon! New Book with Advanced Win 4 Strategies!

The Win 4 Report for 21 States!

NEW!! The 7 Day Books will now include the Win 4 Report for the 21 states listed below. This report will tell you the most due line in the Win 4 Master List in these 21 states. In addition, 7 Day Club members will also get the Red Report which will show which states had a […]

4468 Straight in Virginia

New Report! Click on link below to open this PDF.  4468-straight-in-virginia

The Win 4 Master List: SENT! (FREE)

I just sent out the Master List for the Win 4 game to those on my email list. This Master List is good for ALL states. This list will help you get HITS in the Win 4 game. (**BONUS: Pick 3 Master List is also included!!**). This Report is FREE. Thats right: This Report is FREE!! […]