I will Win $1,000 in February

What numbers have you hit in ny?
It states you haven’t hit pick 3 in over a month.
Your site is too confusing.

I stopped playing Pick 3 because I can literally be making 10x more money playing Win 4. So I have all my money invested in Win 4. And as I stated in my last post (see the post before this one) …..my most up to date strategies are on the Win 4 Report I am sending out for free and in the last two 7 Day Books; you can ignore everything else.

The reason for the confusion is simple; I may have to look at 10 or 20 different strategies to come up with ONE good one – so that is why you see so many different systems on this site. But again, all you have to do is look at that last two books (Book-69 and Book-70) to learn my most up date strategies, and you can disregard the rest.

By the way, I just sent Gold members a report explaining something I discovered in Book-69 which pretty much guarantees doubling one’s money every week playing the Win 4 game in a very specific way…but I need to see confirmation of this in the next few books (Books 71, 72, 73) before I use the system myself.

And for those of you who emailed me to know if I have hit Win 4 yet…the answer is NO…but I should be getting a hit soon. In addition, I should be winning at least $1,000 playing Win 4 in FEBRUARY. No hype here….this WILL happen.


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