10 HOT Trending Stocks

These 10 trending stocks are no joke. I ran a little experiment yesterday.  I added a trigger on my Fidelity account yesterdayto the 10 stocks on this list. I wanted to know whenthey went up by just $2. The 10 stocks included (prices from yesterday):SGOC at $8COHU $32SPRT at $19NURO at $9 I got an […]

The $1700 System—Part 2 (Better System)

I just improved the stock system I explained yesterday. You do NOT need to use Alerts with this NEW and IMPROVED system. Also…You will show a profit 100% of the time when you SELL a stockusing this NEW system. I explain all the details on this report:The $1700 System—Part 2 Its the top report here:

How to Make $1,700 with TESLA in 3 Days

It will take a while for AMC to go up to $100 per share. It will take more time for it to go up to $500. Then $1,000 per share. And hopefully…$2,000 per share and more. In the meantime, I will be sharing with you what I amlearning as I pay more and more attention […]

“How do I buy a stock on Robinhood?”

EMAIL I JUST GOTGood Morning. I thank you so much for the updated information yesterday for AMC. I did however set up an account with Robinhood. I linked my account number with all the information. I am afraid to say now I am at a loss on how to buy a stock with AMC. I […]

AMC is Now $61

AMC is Now $52

AMC is Now $47

AMC is Now $40

AMC is now $31

I bought 10 shares of AMC last week at $25. AMC is now $31. This is a good stock to own right now.

HOT STOCKS for June 2021

Check out my NEW list of hot stocks for JUNE 2021.All of the stocks are under $40.They should do well this month. The list is here: