How to Make $100 Every Day

Here I will explain how to consistently make $100 per day ($500 per week). If you are not familiar with stocks, I suggest you invest the time and effort necessary to open a brokerage account and to learn as much about stocks as you can. Believe me…it will be worth your effort. This strategy is 1,000X more reliable than Pick 3, Pick 4, or any other lottery game.

This is a stock strategy…so you will need a brokerage account so you can buy and sell stocks. I recommend Fidelity which you can find HERE. You will need to connect your brokerage account to your checking account. You will fund your Fidelity account with your checking account (you will be sending money from your checking account to your Fidelity account). For detailed instructions on opening an account, watch some of the videos HERE.

You will need at least $1,000 to use this strategy (you can start and test the waters with just $500). You will start out making $10 to $50 per day (by buying 1 to 5 stocks). Slowly you will scale this up until you have 15 stocks in play, which will make your daily profit be (on average) about $100 per day. This means that you will be making about $500 per WEEK. I will not be taking taxes into consideration here (you will have to research that on your own).

You will get your stocks from

The trending stocks on this website change hour to hour. When I took a screenshot a few minutes ago, I got the stocks you see below. I am only interested in the stocks that are under $10. So I would start by buying 10 shares of KTTA which is at $7.10 right now. This means that I can buy 10 shares for $71. I would also buy 10 shares of XL (at $5.15 right now; 10 shares will cost $51.50). Also 10 shares of APVO ($9.86), and 10 shares of GRCL ($8.81).

I recommend that you do this on paper first so you can see that the price of most of these stocks actually goes up….usually within 24 hours. I am not looking for a huge jump – just a $1 jump. For example, I will buy KTTA at $7.10 and put a LIMIT order to sell the stock at $8.10 (this will happen automatically once the price of the stock is $8.10). In Fidelity, to place a limit order (under Order Type) you would click on LIMIT on the drop-down menu – and also click on GOOD UNTIL CANCELLED. This will look different if you use a different service.

This means that if you purchased 10 shares you will make $10 once you sell the stock. If you did this with 5 stocks you will make $50 that day. If you did this with 7 stocks you will make $70 that day and if you did this with 10 stocks you will make $100 that day. Below I explain this system step by step.


1-Open a brokerage account. I recommend Fidelity – but there are others:

TD Ameritrade
Charles Schwab
Interactive Brokers
Merrill Edge

2-Connect your checking account to your brokerage account (call the 800 number of the brokerage account you are using if you have any questions).

3-You will need at least $1,000 to use this strategy.

4-Focus on the stocks that are under $10 here:

5-Start by buying just one or two shares per day. Only buy shares that are under $10. This means that you will always be spending LESS than $100 per stock since you will be buying 10 of them.

6-Put a LIMIT order so that you automatically sell the stock once it goes up $1. For example, if you buy the stock at $7.33, you will place a limit order to SELL it once it goes up to $8.33. This automates this system (you will not have to be in front of your computer 24/7).

7-Most of the stocks you buy will go up by $1 within 24 hours. If a particular stock has NOT gone up at least $1 within a week, SELL it.

8-You will be making $10 per stock…usually within 24 hours. This means that if 10 of your stocks go up by just $1 overnight, you will make $100 that day.

9-You will LOSE money on some stocks (the stock will not go up $1 – or the stock will go south). That is why I say to start with $1,000 (you spread out the risk across several stocks). I strongly doubt that any of the stocks will go down to $0 within 24 hours – but some stocks will definately not go up $1. NOTE: You can protect your downside by putting a stop loss if the stock goes down $1 or $2. For example, if you buy the stock at $7.34, you can place a stop loss at $6.34 (you will sell the stock automatically once the price of the stock goes down $1).

10-Eventually you want to reach a point where you have at least 15 stocks in play. This will average out to you making about $100 per day. I say 15 stocks because not all the stocks you buy will go up $1 within 24 hours – but at least 10 out of 15 should.

11-After you are consistently making $100 per day, experiment with selling some of your stocks $2 higher. Example: You buy the stock at $8.77. Put a limit order to sell it at $10.77.

12-Once your bankroll is $2,000 or $3,000, you can buy some of the more expensive stocks: $10 to $15. Or keep buying the stocks under $10 – but now sell all your stocks $2 higher.

13. Feel free to experiment. The basic idea here is to have a reliable source of stocks that tend to go up in value quickly and then to Buy Low and Sell High.

14-Make any improvements you see fit. Change things around. It’s your money. Therefore: Do what works for you.

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