$300 Won in Missouri

I just got this email: I took a slight break. Played Missouri midday and hit with 258 (the winning number was 825) to win $300. 258 was both an Alpha-16 and a Meta number. META Programs > ALPHA-16 > ALPHA-12 > ALPHA-32 > META NUMBERS > 40 DUE SINGLES > TARGET-40 > PICK 3 MASTER-40 […]

014 Just Hit Missouri!

MISSOURI-July 13 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 467 468 469 478

427 Hit Missouri Today (July 13)

I just got this email from a Missouri player: I’m loving these META Numbers.  There were four numbers generated Saturday night for Missouri: 017  058  069  247.  I didn’t play midday today, but 690 hit.  I did play this evening and 427 hit.  I won $300. 247 was also an Alpha-12 number and it was a straight number on The Workout-6 program (in […]

$1,550 Won in Missouri

A player has won $1,500 in MO in just a few days. This new report explains the strategy she is using: Go here to download the report: https://www.pick3master.com/free-pick-3-reports

432 STRAIGHT in Missouri (The Follower System)

 I just got this email from someone who purchased my Follower system. She just hit 432 STRAIGHT in Missouri on Tuesday night (April 14). To those of you who purchased the system: The number 234 is a 3-way follower of 467 (674 hit MO the day before).  ================================================= Hi Anthony.  The Missouri winning number on […]


Here is my updated list of numbers for this week for TEXAS and MISSOURI. These numbers replace the numbers I sent out on Sunday for TX and MO. These numbers are good until Saturday night (Sept 21). TEXAS (Sept 15-21) 659 465 227 247 513 MISSOURI (Sept 15-21) 376 346 314 498 980 You have […]


Check your inbox. I just sent out (from my moneymachine email) the excel sheet for MISSOURI. This sheet will give you the six hottest digits for the MO Pick 3 game. The sheet predicted 6 NUMBERS last week! (AUG 4 to AUG 10). If you did not get the sheet, check your spam folder. If you do not […]

Coming Soon! The Missouri Win 4 System!