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Annesta Won $909.60 (344 Straight in Ontario)!

  Hi Anthony, I am so excited to inform you that the code system has worked in Ontario, Canada. I followed your instructions as per your email on Tuesday and the gift of North Carolina. I got the hottest codes and index numbers. The two top codes gave an index number of 14, less than […]

Next Draw Follower Hits in ONTARIO, CANADA

Recent Next Draw Follower Hits in June/July 2015 Ontario: 742 hit on June 27 (a follower of 159) Ontario: 086 hit on June 28 (a follower of 036) Ontario: 372 hit on June 28 (a follower of 068) Ontario: 537 hit on June 29 (a follower of 237) Ontario: 729 hit on June 30 (a […]